Is This Why We Didn't See The PlayStation 4 Console?

Look, I know this is crazy talk, but I have to say it out loud. Sony just gave everyone a look at the future of its flagship gaming system, the PlayStation 4, without actually showing anyone what it looks like. We saw the new controller, a few new games and a lot of talk about cloud, but no box. That's either because Sony's still working on what it looks doesn't exist.

Sony opened the press conference with a lengthy discussion from cloud storage product-types about how amazing the new PS4 would be at managing your digital life. We saw talks on how it would recommend new games to you automatically, let you play with friends and take over their controllers if needs be, share instantly from the controller and have an instant-on service that let you resume games within seconds. That sounds quite a lot like a cloud-only platform to me.

Of course all of this is nonsense, because they told us what specs the console would have. But what if that was a smokescreen for the real truth? Jokes, of course. But it's an interesting thought: will the PlayStation 5 ship without the need for people to buy an expensive console? Or will we just be slaves to big pieces of hardware in our living rooms forever?

If there really was no console either now or in future, THAT would be an M. Night Shymalan-style twist for the gaming history books. I can't wait either way.

Can you foresee a world without physical consoles?

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    What happens if they did actually show us the console.... and it's all in the Dual Shock 4 controller


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      I am shocked by how many people in the "so called" press seem to have little understanding of a tease event. Sony has to save something for E3, but right now all eyes are on them so I think they did a great job.

    Maybe Sony is waiting for Microsoft to reveal the new xbox. That way, it gives them time to go back to the drawing board to come up with a more impressive design?

    You know how it is in the tech industry - hot news today is old news tomorrow. Perhaps they still want some secrets kept until the Xbox "whatever it's name is" becomes official

    By the way, Luke - Sony just put some further details on their site:

    Basic stuff, but some further stuff about the dual shock controller like the speaker and headset input

    This is just horrible journalism. Why would they give their competitor, Microsoft an official release date only to have them trump it. Also, why release all the information now and have a drought for 10 months!? They obviously need to counter the eventual negative news of pricing and various SKU's with an official release date, official images of the console and more games. It's obvious this is going to happen at E3, roughly 6 months before its released.

    considering no one gives a cr4p about their console's looks once it's sitting under their telly, there sure is storm in a tea cup about this... Peronally I was impressed what it could do and won't really lose much sleep about not seeing what it lookes like... guess if they just wanted the uber-geeks frothing at the mouth for just a bit longer... they succeded :)

      We know it's coming so when you make a huge fuss about the announcement event why not show the actual hardware off?
      Like I said on another article what's to say that the pre-rendered videos weren't simply being run off a PS3?

      Other then the game announcements today the only thing we really got to see of the next gen PS4 once you peeled away the marketing fluff and buzzwords was the controller.

      Anyone wager a guess at what the new controller will cost to buy?
      My guesstimate is $150-$200 after they have included gimmicky technology built in that will only be utilized by 2-3 games at launch.

    Of course we'll get a black box, but I can easily see a high end bravia with the ps4 built in.. Super thin screens these days make it real possibility.

    I thought this at first, then I remembered that the majority of sales go to locations that do not have the internet capacity to wipe my bum with. Virtualising hosted consoles (AKA 3D virtual PC's) require very low latency connections with reliable throughput. PCoIP for example could have the capacity to achieve this, just not over a WAN to a USA or Japanese server 300ms away (1200ms satellite).

    Enter NBN, perhaps 10 years time, maybe.

      I mean what a nightmare that could easily become.

      Your PlayStation is not available, please check your internet connection. OR

      Due to a change in the terms and conditions, your PlayStation is only available during the hours of 9-5 Mondays to Fridays. OR

      To use your PlayStation during peek hours you have to have a PLATINUM subscription. (12 months later) To renew your PlayStation PLATINUM Plus super access subscription you will need to pay an additional 50% now because it's a duopoly.

      Who are you going to go crying to? It's a Japanese company! ACCC has no power over a foreign Government excerpt to read rude poetry to them.

      It's the parliamentary ICT price gauging next logical step. Meaningless.

    will the PlayStation 5 ship without the need for people to buy an expensive console?
    Not likely, Sony still wants money. The only other ways I can think of, is throwing advertisement at you, or paid subscription for the cloud based services which will no doubt cost you more in the long run than a console, especially seen as games will still cost money on top of it.

    I think, they didn't show us... so Sony can still steal the show at e3 and not leave all the attention to microsoft

    What if the PS4 was just a controller and an operating system and you had to supply your own hardware.

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