Is The PlayStation 4 Arriving On February 20?

Well here's something we weren't expecting. Sony just teased us with a super secret, super mysterious, super probably a new PlayStation (because, what else?) event next month. Let's start speculating and freaking out about a new console war.

We're finding out as much as we can, but for now, set your watches for February 20, where something big is going to go down in NYC. And you thought you had to wait until E3!


    Given I've just bought my first PS3, Im guessing it will be about 2020 before I'll buy a PS4 :P

      I only just picked one up too, with no intention of upgrading any time soon. Bought mostly as a media server/bluray player.

        They also make a great paperweight.

          Wow, how original.

          Considering the competitions habit of becoming a brick, perhaps not the best argument to make in the fanboy wars?

          I wasn't trying to make a joke. I do use mine only as a paperweight.

    They need to drop a new one fast. I think DEVS are hitting the PS3 limits because the games just don't look any better any more. COD Blacks OPS 1 and 2 look graphically identical on it to me.

      they probably are the exact same engine running different maps .....

        Of course its the same engine but, compare the same games on Xbox and it looks like they've done some work and ekked a little more out of it.

          That's because the devs are better at using Direct X and use the Xbox as their main dev machine, porting it to the PS3. Look at some PS3 exclusives to compare.

          I think you will find that it is the developers simply not wanting to make a better product rather than being limited by the capabilities of the hardware

      Incorrect. I read somewhere on gizmodo or kotaku that devs are only halfway through the PS3 capabilities? :S

    maaan, just bought my PS3 :(

      PS3 was $1200 on release. Would you of bought a PS4? :p

        Incorrect, the PS3 was $999 on release and the PS2 was $749 on release in Australia. I doubt Sony will make the same mistake they did with the PS3 and make it too expensive. The main reason it cost so much was because of the Bluray drive, which is no longer an issue as they cheap as chips now.

          Yeah I didn't buy mine until they were $500 (just before the slim was out)

          hopefully PS4 will be cheaper but .... even my PS3 I hardly use it hahaha just sitting there collecting dust. Only play it for Darksiders and Darksiders II

          i did pay the 999 on midnight launch for the 60gb.

          and i still have it working fine :)

    What else? some crappy android playstation tablet/phone thing... ?? They'd be catching Microsoft while they're busy doing other things and nintendo while they're busy failing. you'd have to think it'd be a great move if they did have ps4 ready.

    *yawn* goes back to playing on his beast PC

      For the first time in years I can join you!
      Goes back to work dreaming of playing on my beast PC

        You PC gamers play with your beast quite a lot don't you. ;)

    And I was thinking of getting a PS3. Though at least I'll still get a good year out of it.

    Yeah, sure, with no announcements and no rumours or leaks, a new console will launch in three weeks time.

    Obvious clickbait is obvious.

    Stop it.

      They wont be releasing it on February 20th, more likely they will show it off to the public and everything it can do. Likely they will have games that dev's have been working on secretly behind the scenes too. I would expect a release date to be announced at E3.

      Why would you even think they'd release it then? If it's about the PS4, it will be an announcement. Officially giving us some idea of its specs & capabilities, and perhaps a loose timeframe of when it may come out.

      And just so you know, there have been plenty of 'rumours' and junk - and there have been dev kits floating around for quite a while now.

    Wasn't there rumours that on the PS4 purchased games are locked to ONE console once you go on-line? Putting any idea of cheap 2nd hand games out the window.
    I've also read there is something very close to being released for the PS3 similar to the WODE (for Wii), or x360key (for Xbox360), if that happens the PS4 will flop and PS3 sales will triple.

      This just sounds like the current EA Online Pass but for all games. One Console for online, but unlimited for offline, which I think is quite reasonable (assuming you can, of course, buy an online pass quite cheaply)

    With the failure of vita, I suspect this release is the PSP with a second stick.

    hopefully this time they'll let 3rd parties develop apps for it.

    note: apps not games.

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    if it really was the PS4, surely there would have been more leaked about it already...

    Strange when the Playstation President advised they would not release a new system until the Xbox has been released. Claiming they want to see what their competitors have to offer before they release the PS4. To ensure their hardware is superior.

    I will, as always, wait until the new consoles have been hacked before i will buy one.

      Well, that is just the problem, the PS3 still hasn't been truly hacked now 6 or so years after it's release, unless you have an older model with ancient firmware.

    I sincerely hope that the PS4 is backwards-compatible with PS3 games. So many people will be disappointed with their thousands of dollars worth of purchases otherwise! And sure, sure, some will think that a cheaper PS4 will mean no backwards compatibility for PS3 games (look at what happened with PS3 backward compatability with PS2, regarding PS3 pricing). Hopefully though, PS4 will be beefy enough inside to handle emulating a PS3....

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