Is It Possible To Defend Comic Sans?

It's nearly impossible to use Comic Sans on the internet and not get tarred and feathered. It's an Internet sin of the highest level. A crime against human decency and people's eyeballs. A parody of a joke of a fool. Universally hated. So... is it possible to defend the font? Is Comic Sans wrongfully reviled? Maybe!

Vsauce, the wonderful folks behind the science of the friend zone and if it's mathematically possible to run out of new music, tries to defend Comic Sans, arguing that for its purpose, Comic Sans actually succeeded. And though it's poorly designed on a fundamental level, it still works pretty well when aliased. Maybe it's not so bad after all.

Hm. Nope. Still bad. [Vsauce]


    Is It Possible To Defend Comic Sans?

    Only if you're adept at defending other indefensible things, such as terrorism, murder, or Justin Beiber.

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    There's a tv ad where I am that's full of rainbow coloured comic sans text. It's embarrassing.

    There is no good purpose for that font. I don't know why it's even still included with operating systems.

    I still don't get the hate. Yes, it has been used inappropriately, but it has a purpose.
    Gotta laugh though.
    "what do you do?"
    "I'm a typographer"
    "Do you work for and artchitect?"

    No, it is not possible to defend Comic Sans or any font that looks like it.

    It works in education.

      I had a Business Teacher when i was in Year 11 & 12 who heard that it's the most readable font especially for people who use english as a second language and she flat out refused to use anything but Comic Sans in all her material.
      She edited the school's exam template so that even all our exams were in comic sans.

    Wars have been started for less but in the end you should;

    i don't see why it is disliked so much. first job was as a signwriter and Comic Sans was way more clearer than other fonts people often chose. i wouldn't use it as logo type though, admittedly.

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