Iran Photoshops New Fighter Jet To Make It Look Like It's Flying

Oh, Iran. Your Qaher 313 stealth fighter jet sure looks intimidating, but it will never get off the ground. So why do you insist on tricking everybody into thinking that the beast can fly? Iran has photoshopped the Qaher 313 onto a stock image of Mount Damavand to make it look like its flying.

Seriously, the stock image that Iran used of majestic Mount Damavand can be found at If you brighten up the picture a little bit, you can see it's the same image. Iran floated the picture with the Qaher 313 superimposed on the mountain to "prove" that the fighter jet could fly. Check out the picture of the mountain without the jet and with the jet:

Iran, you make it too easy. This isn't the first time Iran has been guilty of photoshopping pictures to make themselves look more intimidating either. They added more missiles in a missile test picture back in 2008. Keep up the good work! We love it. [Harfhaye Nagofte Elham via The Atlantic Wire]


    I love how there is not only no heat distortion but no pilot either! Haha..

    Nice one Iran you troll you! ;)

      look again. you can see the pilot when you zoom in.

      Thats half the advert, a plane so advanced it flies itself!

      I dunno, i can kind of make out a pilots helmet in that photo.. but yeh the rest of it screams fake.

    I think it looks pretty cool, I like the colours.

    Here's the original fighter jet pic.

    The really scary part is just how childish the regime is. They seem unable to grasp just how ridiculous this makes them and in particular Ahmadinejad. look to the rest of the world. Now give a kid a nuclear bomb and tell him to go play outdoors....

      Look at the source page. The author is making a parody (having fun).

      Giz you do your credibility a disservice by claiming the photo was released by the government of Iran.

        That's fine but the whole fake fighter jet on ground plus other silly stuff like being an astronaut is still childish and scary. So my point is still relevant.

          Not at all. All chauvinist, militaristic countries behave exactly the same way, including the US, Russia, India, China, Israel, etc.
          As for Iran being scary, the parent website of Gizmodo is hosted in the only country that can and does invade other countries freely, the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons in war, one of a few countries that kidnaps people from the streets of foreign countries then has them imprisoned and tortured, regularly assassinates individuals and even whole families, just to get individuals in other countries (this is every day stuff from the news).
          Domestically the US is great, but how they "play with others" makes Iran look like Gandhi.

          Last edited 14/02/13 5:49 pm

            I'm no fan of the USA's foreign policies either, and I definitely think the way they treat their citizens as cannon fodder sucks, but I can't really put them in the same boat as the train wreck that Ahmadinejad has caused. And he's not going to improve either.

              He's an arsehat, but not especially exceptional as things go. International politics is chock full of it.
              I love the US personally, It's a great place to live, full of lots of great people, but they seem to have a chronic case of projection when it comes to places like Iran, especially with these imported US stories. You get all these stories about how amazing and fantastic their "super" carriers are, fighter-jets, missiles, tanks etc, (60% propaganda) and yet when some sad attempt comes from Iran they act as if it's a personal threat.

    It seems that some commenters on the linked page are calling the images fakes. As in, fakes made by non-Iranian to make fun of Iran rather than Iran talking itself up.
    Can anyone actually find the validity of these photos being promotional rather than satirical?

    Come'on people!!! Don't be the result of the western media.... Inform yourself... look for other sources other than... CNN, Fox news.....
    If you care to do a bit of research you will find that... That thing actually it did fly and done numerous test on it... there are videos of it....( by the way that is one of a fleet of 5 built)... And I'm not talking about the so call fake remote controlle planes...

      Provide some links? I haven't found any real evidence in my searches, other than the same old photo's in the hangar, which originate from Iranian news.
      I haven't seen any confirmation on real test flights from a full-sized-fully-finished aircraft yet either.

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