iPhones, iPads To Boost Kiwi Cops' Efficiency, As Long As No One Installs Angry Birds

While New Zealand police offers don't normal carry firearms, they'll soon be packing iOS-powered mobiles and tablets as part of an initiative to bring the country's law enforcement into the modern age and trim the amount of time officers spend performing administrative tasks in the field.

According to a number of articles on ZDNet, the New Zealand Police will be fitted out with iPads and iPhones via funds totalling $NZ160 million over ten years, with a juicy $NZ4.3 million being dispensed immediately. The devices will be used for a variety of purposes, including to "check offenders' details (like photographs and bail conditions) where and when they need to", in the words of NZ PM John Key.

The idea is that police will be able to spend more time out and about, protecting and serving, rather than waiting for information or hoofing it back to the station. One of the ZDNet articles states that over 6000 officers will be given devices, as part of the first rollout. The eventual benefit is that each officer will save up to half-an-hour each shift.

I don't think governments have a reputation for embracing new technologies, preferring to stick with anything that displays in monochrome or requires seven horses to power. If the initiative does deliver the promised benefits, it should set a good precedent for Australia, considering the locality.

[ZDNet, here and here]



    Who is going to teach them how to use them? This is NZ, after all. They'll probably spend the first month trying to work out where to plug the dial-up modem in, unless they can find someone to read the instructions to them.

    Last edited 17/02/13 1:26 pm

      honestly they have a great connectivity history....

      I was there in 99 and they had celebrated a 92% fibre to home connection rate

      I kid you not, there techs older but they have fibre optic infrastructure we would die for

      If we were the size of Tassie!

        No scratch that, 1997!!!!! Wow small scale effects BOOM

          Clearly my comment went completely over your head. Think about the ports on an iPad and how much we all enjoy giving Kiwis a hard time for being stupid and you might get it.

            Yeah nah your inference is less clear in its relation to modems and iPads than it is to aged technology....

            What do I know.... Sheep fukah that I is.

        NZ has FIBRE???
        they even have better driving laws


    I have some friends in NZ (Auckland), embarrassingly their internet is far superior to what I have access to in the Melbourne suburbs.

    Had to be Apple stuff right?

      well dat gorrilla glass is tougher than riot shields

    "While New Zealand police offers don’t normal carry firearms"

    C'mon Giz/ Logan Booker, its the first half of the first sentance in the first paragraph and I can spot TWO grammatical errors. Why the hell do I keep coming back to this website when you guys cant even proof read your articles!!!!!

    Last edited 18/02/13 7:23 am

      because this is the internet
      if you want grammar go read the sun herald in paper print

        Also if you don't want sarcastic nonsense replies to a valid point then don't post on the net!

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