Interactive 72,000 LED Display Is What Every Kid Needs

This is wonderful. Jason Bruges Studio created an interactive installation that can react to touch and reveal digital animals inside a children's hospital. There are 70 LED panels with 72,000 LEDs hidden behind the wallpaper of the rainforest. When started, the wall makes it seem as if animals are travelling through the forest.

Different panels are hidden behind the wallpaper at different heights so that it can reach the various eye levels of kids. The animals actually look like they are moving inside the wallpaper because the wallpaper has been designed to reveal the patterns of light on the screen. It's lovely and absolutely incredible for a child.

The installation is inside the halls of the children's hospital in the new Morgan Stanley clinical building, the first part of the Mittal Children's Medical Centre in the UK. I think every children's hospital should have this. Better yet, I think every child's room should have this. To see a video of the wall in action, check it out here (it autoplays). [Jason Bruges Studio, DesignBoom via Neatorama]

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