Inside Twitter's Verification Process: How Can You Get Verified?

Last week, a handful of technology journalists in Australia were inducted into the ranks of Verified Twitter personalities, myself included. Verification is a mysterious process, and we're here to lift the lid on how the Twitter verification process works.

How Do You Get Verified?

How Twitter decides to verify people is still a fairly mysterious process, but one thing's for sure: you can't ask to be verified. You know, unless you're like Rihanna or President Obama. Twitter's verification process is there to ensure that people don't follow fake accounts, so you're only likely to be verified if there's a good chance someone could impersonate you due to your stature online or in the real world. At least that's the theory. I don't think anyone is rushing out to create fake Luke Hopewell Twitter accounts.

How Does It Work?

Once real people over at Twitter decide you are worthy of a beautiful blue Verified tick on your profile, it invites you to go through a qualification process which teaches you a little bit about Twitter in the process.

First, you get followed by @Verified, which is Twitter's own verification account before a direct message lands in your inbox. It looks kind of like good, old Twitter spam at first, so just to make sure you really are being verified, make sure the account the direct message came from isn't a fake.

Just in case you're too scared to click that Verified direct message link, though, Twitter sends an email with the link to your registered address to help you along. You can never be too careful.

Once you have clicked, there are three steps to the verification process, presented in a quiz format.

Step one sees you identify three tweets to determine your Twitter aptitude. Questions like "which of these tweets will get you more followers?", and "which tweet will get more people clicking?", et cetera.

Step two asks you to follow more verified users to let other people know that you're a trustworthy source. I didn't follow Rihanna before but if that's what it takes to get verified I can handle the odd lunatic in my feed.

Finally, step three sees you securing your account by changing your password to something stronger. Don't want nasty hackers getting hold of your precious, blue-tick boasting account now, do we?

And once you have hit the submit button, that's it! You get a beautiful email saying that you're verified and you can go and swoon over your own too-legit-to-quit Twitter profile.



    Seems like the stupidest way to get verified. I would've thought they would ask for some sort of ID or something :/

    "I don’t think anyone is rushing out to create fake Luke Hopewell Twitter accounts."

    Well now you've done it.... :D

    I honestly can't see how this verifies anything at all. It doesn't prove you are who you say you are. How does following other 'trustworthy' people make you more 'trustworthy'? If I create a Twitter account, and follow ONLY verified people, then I must be the most trustworthy person in existence!

    What? You're Kidding!?

    I have coveted the little blue tick for a long time, four long years on twitter, hoping against hope that someone would look up and notice me... and then the process would begin.

    I'd get that e-mail, and then be asked for a copy of my drivers licence, birth certificate, gas bills, rate payments, shoe size and the name of my first dog.

    Then one night when I least expected it, two men dressed in black would drop from a helicopter and take me, blindfolded, to a secret location where I'd cry like a baby, sobbing "YES, I AM REALLY MEEE" *WHAAAAAAAAA* for SIX STRAIGHT HOURS, before being dragged along a dark passageway to a grumpy Russian who sneers at me across his desk and blows smoke from his cuban cigar right into my face.

    Then I get the rubber stamp on my forehead and am dumped somewhere west of Cairns, wearing only my batman underwear.

    Just three utterly vague questions? that's it???

    Crestfallen and destitute

    *slinks off*


      Yo. Please can you paste the link in the email they sent to you? That's what I expected from the author of this post.

      Lol, very funny something from the movies , but I get your point though @wolfie_rankin

    I think we should just be really critical of everything but not try and understand it, because that would take some effort, and being critical is way easier.

    So you're saying the only way to get verified is if they invite you to be? You can't actually apply for your brand? (I work in marketing) Please help!

    You didn't even give us the website.? Follow me please @FairyPrincessAA im trying to be a singer

    We have created an official account for The 20/20 Experience and we are still waiting on a verification.

    Does anyone know this account "[email protected]"? it was used to scam people to get verified.

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