If This Isn't The Most Horrible Movie Tie-In You've Ever Seen, What Is?

This. What the hell is this? Apparently the Mos Eisley cantina serves espresso in addition to laser-based nut-shots — it's enough for anybody to claim Han shot first. But between the coffee makers and DIY TIE Fighters , even the newbiest of Jedis can brew a cup of brown force apparently.

Surprisingly, coffee-based delicacies are the least of your worries when it comes to shaking off the shackles of empire. What are the most ludicrous pop-culture tie-ins you've had to smile and nod to in the last year?


    I have the mood and temperment of Darth in the morning before my first double-shot espresso.


    while the machines are pretty awful, id take either of those mugs!

    The machines remind me of Portal robuts more so.

    wldve looked better as the Aliens Skull from Aliens

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