If Apple’s iWatch Looks Like This, I Want One

If Apple’s iWatch Looks Like This, I Want One

Rumours are flying about the possibility of Apple designing its own wearable smart watch. Rather than just sit back and wait for it to play out, however, Australian designer Aleks Witko decided to imagine it for himself. I want to touch it.

Witko’s design sees a 2.5-inch curved glass display integrated into a rubber wristband.

He designed a mock-up and wore it for the day just to see if any use cases for the device could come to mind that might influence his design. Eventually, he came up with this:

The headphone jack sits at the bottom of the screen with a groove in the wristband that allows you to throw your favourite pair at it whenever you like, while the Lightning cable plugs into the top.

A mic is buried in the right hand side of the device for communicating with Siri, and the whole unit is removable from its wristband so that third-party manufacturers can get in on the wristband accessory market.

All in all, it looks pretty damn sexy. I’d buy Witko’s iWatch, that’s for sure.

Head over to his blog to see the rest of the design. [Aleks Witko]

Images: Aleks Witko