I Figured Out What Adobe Spends All That Extra Cash On...

You probably know by now that Adobe charges scandalous mark-ups to Australians, sometimes as bad as $1700 on the one product. Yesterday I figured out what Adobe spends that money on: a fancy new Sydney office. Check this place out.

Overlooking the Sydney skyline in all directions, the new Adobe office houses all of the company's Australian staff, as well as acting as a demo centre for new customers. The grand opening yesterday was attended by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell and Adobe's President and CEO.

Check this place out.


    For a second I thought it was on giant ampersands.

    so on the whole, its a fairly boring office, in a very expensive place.

    I guess they wanted to be real hiigh up on their creative cloud land.

    That's way cooler than the Autodesk office ever was, even in the good old days when they spent money like water.

    As the CEO of Adobe Australia, you'd deserve an awesome office for getting away with extorting Australians for money.

    I find it hard to believe there is a IT company in Australia with such high proportions of white people.

      They're not really IT. They're predominantly Sales and Marketing types.....

        They're not really humans. They're predominantly Sales and Marketing types.....

    That "No Entry" sign must be where they keep the bucketloads of cash.

    I think I get the Australian price disparity now. If not for Adobe it would just be Penn & Teller that keeps the novelty ampersand industry afloat.

      Tip thee hat

    Adobe CEO desperately tries to avoid answering a simple question (if you havent seen it already)

    Basically they want to 'herd' customers into the cloud as they view it as even more profitable. Leaving the stand alone price high will aid in that goal.

    Ugh, lockers and hot-desks...not a fan of school-room style workplaces.

      Only if it is a hot desk workplace. A client I work with just moved into a new office and they have lockers for people to store spare shirts, running gear etc to try and clear away some of the clutter around desks. Works like a treat except for one problem. They do not fit motorcycle helmets.

    What a dick. I use the Design & Web Premium version of Creative Suite. US price today for the download version is US$1899. Depending on where they live US customers will usually pay some state sales tax, eg California is 7.5% so US$2041 inc CA tax. Aussie dollar is 3.6% higher than US this morning that makes the US (California) price with tax $2114 when converted to AUD. Australian price for the download version is AUD$2887 inc 10% GST. Difference is AUD$773.

    There is nothing special about this office at all it looks like mine and every single one of my clients in Melb and Sydney, its the standard office fit out thats done these days right down to the stupid plant wall that make me cringe everytime i walk into a new clients office

      As an interior designer I would be very interested in your thoughts as to what would make a good workplace interior. I hear your response in that they are much the same these days. I agree, I've researched and seen what Westpac (for example) are commissioning these days - very much the same and quite predictable. But what can make your workplace better?

      Perhaps Gizmodo could do an article on this. Our workplaces are critical to our productivity so I'd love to see what people really think...?

        It is a simple as doing away with this ridiculous obsession with open plan.

        I have found it near impossible to get any serious work done in every open plan office I have ever worked in. I usually resort to sneaking away to some-one's office, library, vacant conference rooms etc just so I can get some goddam peace and quiet and actually do the thinking I am paid to do.


          I work in an engineering office and can never get any work done with people always asking me questions (work related or not). All because im just "there" and it's less effort for them to ask me to solve a problem (which is usually, "How do I do this?") then to figure it out themselves. Half the time I send them a LetMeGoogleThatForYou link with their exact phrase, keeps the questions away but doesn't stop the chatter everywhere else in the room.

          I'm tempted to borrow everyones office when they go on holidays.

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