HP Is Making A High-End Android Tablet (And Maybe A Phone)

HP hasn't had the best go of it these past few years. But according to a report from ReadWrite, it's trying to get off the mat with a new premium tablet, powered by Android.

The reported tablet would run Nvidia's new Tegra 4 processor, and has been in development since the second half of 2012. HP's business side has actually been producing some really awesome hardware, like the Envy X2, and the EliteBook Revolve.

Both of those run Windows 8 though. So this is a change on the OS side, even though HP has poked around with Android a bit in the past.

There is also some talk of HP going into smartphones, though that's a more tenuous proposition. We've never seen HP design a great smartphone, and flashbacks to the Palm and webOS acquisition don't fill anyone with confidence.

We'll see what HP has at Mobile World Congress later this month, where it will supposedly show off some new hardware. [ReadWrite]



    Define 'high end tablet' http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2013/01/razer-edge-tablet-hands-on-this-gaming-rig-might-actually-be-the-best-windows-8-tablet/ :P

    I never even considered 'HP' and 'high end' in the same sentence when referring to commercial products.

      HP's products for business have always been very good

    I used to own the HP iPAQ hw6915 phone. At the time it was up there with the best of technology. It had built in GPS, qwety keyboard and SD slot on the side, not tucked behind the battery like most. Ok so it was powered by windows mobile but it wasnt bad to use.

    An Android device with a physical Qwerty keyboard would be quite attractive to some.

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