How To Make Dry Ice At Home

Dry ice is amazing stuff, especially in the kitchen -- think ice cream or booze -- but getting hold of it can be tricky. No problem! Here's how to make your own.

All you need is a fire extinguisher, a pillow case and a little bit of practice. Just be sure to wear gloves. What are you waiting for? [YouTube]


    ...cos everyone has easy access to a specific kind of fire extinguisher

      you can pick one up from the wall of your local shopping mall ;)

        Remember to sneak it back onto the wall when you're finished with it :)

    So $200 plus for a CO2 fire extinguisher that makes a very small amount....or go to an ice works company (Ithaca Ice Works in Brisbane) and get small pellets for $4/kg, a 5kg block for $30 right up to a 20kg block for $60.....hmmm yes makes sense

    The CO2 may be food safe, but what about the crud that gets blown out of the spout with it?

    can get some dry ice from BOC welding for $5 a heap

    Good one Lu... Oh wait, Plunkett doesn't work here.

    A chip of dry ice in a 2L coke bottle (with lid on) is fun.

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