How To Avoid American Drones, By Al-Qaeda

When AP reporters walked through turf where Islamic terrorists had been driven out by the French military, they found a curious photocopied document: a list of 22 tips for avoiding UAV death. But you can use them too!

Most of the stuff seems like pretty solid advice centred around hiding or covering yourself with other stuff, but, hey, when you're in the middle of a warzone, you've got to work with what you have. Like spare tyres or broken glass. Even if it's not a panacea against sudden Hellfire strike, it sure beats standing around waiting to get vaporized by some guy in Nevada.

If and when Predator drones patrol the skies of the US looking for bad guys in suburbia instead of terrorists in Africa, you might just want to print out a copy for yourself. [AP]



    Thats ingenuity to think of using a cable satellite leech program (sky grabber) to infiltrate the drone’s frequencies... so the USA military is using similar tech that network companies use to code broadcast waves?
    Also talk about a war time economy, $2,595 when the sky grabber site has the program for $95.99.

      They refer to it as a device. That probably means a pre-configured computer or personal electronic device of some sort with and appropriate radio receiver attached.

        that sounds correct and more the case, thank you

    When it gets to hanging spies and kidnapping it "sounds" like it was written by someone else, it doesn't have quite the same feel as the practical stuff about the drone countermeasures. Plus, given how cautious and intelligent it sounds I seriously doubt it would be signed.
    Smells like a big fat fake to me. If not a complete fake, then a partial one. By who, I couldn't guess, there are a lot of different motives from too many groups.

      The quality of translation is a bit poor. As for the name - it is fairly common practice for jihadis to take on a pseudonym for the jihad so the author likely feels like his anonymity is intact.

    Did they steal these notes via a drone's recon?

    Number 4 is priceless - using skilled snipers to hunt and to shoot the drones at 6 km or less. As though they could hit anything at 2km, let alone 6+...

      You would be surprised, early on they use antiaircraft gun mounts in the mountains that are pre-sited on a stretch of road in the valley below and just sit till a convoy came along.

        Which aren't high caliber single shot precision sniper rifles. Filling the air with AA flak is hardly akin to using 'skilled snipers'.

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          the point i was trying to get across when one is talking about using 'skilled snipers' engaging within six kilometres, is that i don't think they would be referring to as you put it "high caliber single shot precision sniper rifles".

            I don't think the terrorist actually have functional AA batteries, so Russian made sniper rifles is all they have, unless you're also talking about RPG's...

              Beginning to feel I’m wasting my breath on you so this will be my last post on the matter. These terrorists mostly started out as foreign conscripts to help repel the Soviet invasion that started in 1982. when they where successful at this task they moved against the Afghani Royal family and country way plunged into civil war and at the time US boots landed on Afghani soil they had control of 2/3 of the country and was conceded by some foreign nations as the recognised government.

              So when you say that you say that “I don't think the terrorist actually have functional AA batteries” after when i have told you of a tactic they do use on service men that employs antiaircraft gun mounts, i find that a tad insulting. also I just gave you two ways they could/did obtained them being abandoned Soviet arms (that was at the height of the tech in the 80s) and though legal arms trades by countries that did recognised their governance and that the last i will say.

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    Did they find KFC's 11 secret herbs and spices recipe as well ?

    "The drones used in the attacks in Swat Valley depend on electronic chips or radioactive dyes placed at the target by the spy or the agent then the guided missiles come directly toward these targets."
    -- Errrr no. They use laser beams. No wonder you guys aren't winning!

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