How The Heck Did This Photographer Take These Falling Self Portraits?

Kerry Skarbakka is a photographer who loves to capture himself falling to the ground. It could be falling off from a ladder, falling off from a building, falling in the shower, falling while lifting weights and/or anything horrible and awful and terrible that you would never ever want to fall off of. How does he manage to take these pictures of himself? And how does he live?

The photo series, called The Struggle to Right Oneself, isn't chopped and screwed to look like this. This isn't trickery. Skarbakka is actually falling. He tries to keep most of his falls under seven feet and tries to do the pictures without any ropes. If he needs to be tied, he'll wear a harness underneath his clothes and tie it to an anchor to prevent himself from slamming to the floor. The ropes are usually expertly hidden but if seen, they'll be photoshopped out. I'll allow that cause if I was tied to ropes I would not want to fall like this.

What's actually amazing is that while Skarbakka frames all of his shots, it's his girlfriend or some random stranger snapping the photo. His tip to them? "Can you press the shutter when I look most compromised?" So awesome.

You can find more of Skarbakka's mind bending work here. [Skarbakka via Wired, PetaPixel]

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