How Did You Poo Before Smartphones?

Sitting on the can without a smartphone — much like sitting at the bar without a smartphone — is soooo boring. What are you supposed to do with yourself? Be alone with your thoughts? Talk to the person on the toilet/stool next to you? Ugh.

This video from the nice folks at College Humor totally nails our modern smartphone addiction. It's ruining our ability to keep our minds occupied when there's nothing to do. I'll be leaving my phone at my desk before the next poop I take.

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    I think the video hits it pretty well.

    Maybe I'm old fashioned but I go to the toilet to, you know, excrete body waste. I don't need to be entertained while I'm sitting there. I don't even take my phone in there most of the time unless it's already in my pocket, let alone play with it. I don't read or anything else either. I just get the job done and get out.

    Are we really living in an age where people can't even take 5 minutes to answer the call of nature without complaining about being bored? Good grief.

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    I always find myself texting on the toilet, it's just something to do, I guess I really just wandered in my thoughts prior. Although I still do that.

    I used to bring a magazine, so not really much different lol.

    These days the crapper is one of the only places you can get 5 minutes to yourself, take a book/newspaper and relax, dont take your phone its disgusting, especially when you then go share something funny you found on youtube, by passing your mate the faecal matter covered phone.

      How is the phone poop-covered? You have 'clean' hands when you enter the bathroom & while you're doing your business. Once you're "finished", you put your phone away in your pocket, commence wipe protocol, flush, then commence hand sanitation protocol. You don't touch your phone in the time between first wipe & washing of your hands, so how can you get faecal matter on it? Unless people carry their phone with their wiping hand from throne to sink, then yeah, gross, they definitely shouldn't do that.

        you and i may wash our hands and be sanitary, doesn't mean all will, read this study a while back.

    its not like you wiping your ass with you phone! you technically dont touch your phone after you wiped your bottom, so your are not getting any faecal matter on your phone.

      So you're trying to tell me to invent a tiolet paper app?

    I'm a tech junkie but I never touch my phone whilst on the toilet. It's a hygiene thing.

    I didn't used to poo before the smart phone. My first bowel movement happened in 2006. I was 25. And surprised.

    Gameboy Gameboy Gameboy...
    Disney comics were also good :)

    Reading this on the throne right now lol

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