How Could Anyone Not Want A Product Called The Strap And Crap?

Even with an outhouse, relieving one's self in the great outdoors is an unpleasant experience. But having no choice but to just squat on the ground is as terrible as it gets. So after a "particularly unpleasant outdoor restroom experience", Laura Stude was struck with the inspiration to create the solution to every nature lover's biggest woe with the Strap and Crap.

The catchy name kind of says it all, but if you're having a hard time wrapping your head around the concept, here's basically how it works: you wrap the strap around a tree, you sidle up inside for support, and you crap. It's one of those "why didn't I think of that first?" ideas until you remember it's because you don't have a long history of just emptying your bowels in the middle of nowhere. But that could very well change if you support Susan's efforts to make this a reality. [Indiegogo via The GearCaster]


    In the bush, you should really dig a hole, which is gonna be kinda hard if you have to dig through tree roots.
    Have respect for the bush and for others who like to enjoy it and not your steaming pile of shit. ( Referring to both of your products

    I mean, c'mon. Next thing someone will want to patent a rectangle with round corners

    You would be better off buying a small plastic poo-shovel (which can be found at hike shops) and a low overhanging branch. Shovel for the hole to bury the turd and the branch to hold onto while turding. Total weight - about 100 grams, which is useful when going bush.

    What is so hard about squatting over a hole? Plus squatting is meant to be a better posture than sitting while pooing.

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    Eastern toilets are a hole in the ground - so dig yourself one and squat.

    If you can't manage to squat and crap, maybe you're not qualified to be that far away from toilets. Also really bugs me that she wore sunglasses the entire time throughout that video... how am I supposed to buy into your rubbish when I can't even make eye contact with you?

    You guys do realise that all those things you mention can be done and still be able to use this thing right? There's no reason you can't dig a hole first and no reason you can't bury it afterwards, or bag it out if necessary. The only issue I have with it is the size of the strap. These days there is plenty of super strong light weight straps you can use for this. Personally, and I've spent a fair bit of time out scrub, I like the idea. It allows you to do the job in comfort.

    This has to be the most ridiculous idea I have ever seen. The strap will eventually break causing a pretty unsanitary accident.

      if its nylon strap it should fray rather snap which means you should get some warning with tearing.

    Unhook the dog first .... hope Fido hangs around while you mess. Not sure about using on a riverbank next to a path either. Seems like shitting in the woods is a lost art - we need to get back to nature and relearn some basic skills.

    I see one upside, and one downside.

    Downside: likely to accidentally get crap on your strap - weak.

    Upside: Allows you to crap off cliffs and out of trees - awesome.

    Why on earth would you even need one of these? Spent a few minutes practising just squatting before you head out the the back of beyond and you'll realise how pointless this is. As to the "dig a hole" method of disposal, the beasts/microbes which break down the crap are in the first few centimetres of the ground, so if you dig deeper than that you're doing more harm than good (or at least just providing coprolites for future archaeologists).

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