Here’s Why You Should Code, By Chris Bosh, And Mark Zuckerberg

Here’s Why You Should Code, By Chris Bosh, And Mark Zuckerberg has a new internet public service announcement explaining why you should code. The answer to that is you’ll get to eat food made by chefs, play ping pong in a hoodie, and will call you a rockstar.

That or basically, you might get a job in an office in Silicon Valley, might being the keyword here. The video features a range of tech celebrities that you’ve heard of including Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, and others you haven’t, like the guy who founded DropBox or an engineer at Facebook.

It’s also backed by celebrity celebrities like Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh, who said he didn’t mind the other kids laughing at his membership in an after school computer club called the Whiz Kids because “some of [his] friends have jobs”, and, who for a quick refresher is the genius behind this golden, garish $315 iPhone camera case. He also has multiple Grammys and happens to be learning to code.

But sure. If you learn this skill and you’re actually good at it, you might get a really awesome job. The Atlantic points out that, according to the US Department of Labor and Statistics, coding is a sector that’ll grow 30 per cent faster on average than other industries, and had a median salary of $US90,000/year in 2010.

Sure, will teach you to do that for free. Although, not everyone needs to code and not everyone can be good enough at it to you know, write the next Facebook. But, look, Chris Bosh loves to write CSS. That’s enough to make your day. [The Atlantic]