Here's What It Looks Like To Use Google Glass, And Here's How To Get One

Google has posted yet another video of what it's like to use its wearable Glass tech, but this time it's not pie in the sky: this is what it's really like to use Glass. Shut up and take my money.

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Everything is voice controlled, and the way you interact with the unit is really natural and fluid.

Actions seem to be triggered by the words "Ok, Glass", followed by a command. Actions include taking photos and videos, hanging out, getting directions and translating. Awesome.

Let's try this: "Ok, Glass: take my money."

Speaking of, Google has just expanded pre-orders for the Explorer edition of Google Glass.



    In case anyone can't be bothered checking out the pre-order requirements, you must use Twitter (or possibly just Google+), spend $1500, but most disappointingly have to live in the US. Shame.

      Because that silly geographic requirement always stops people from buying stuff... right?

        Given that you have to show up in person to pick up the item, and sit through a 'conference' for it, I would say so. Unless your finances are well enough to warrant flying over to pick it up?

          I suddenly have an idea for a new 'mail proxy' business...

            I believe that already exists, I just don't know how trust worthy they can be.
            The issue with the Google Glass though is that the applicants, if chosen, have to pick it up in person.

              Sorry, my tongue-in-cheek tone wasn't really obvious above. Yes, mail proxies exist and I have (hesitantly) used them with great success. I was joking/implying that we could start a new type of mail-proxy business where we show up to pick up the items :-)

    there is so much want flowing through my tech-veins right now..

    Based upon the usual premise of charging Australians at least double the asking price anywhere else, that would make the price about $3500.

    Genuine game-changer (if they can get them to public at a reasonable cost).

    Cool vid. :)

    GoPro must be shitting their dacks right about now

      I was thinking the same thing! They should team up.

      With the size limitations for the camera unit in the Google glass? GoPro has a much more capable camera. The example photos I've seen that come out of this thing are not good enough.
      Edit: Actually this video above comes out okay, not the same level but still.

      Last edited 21/02/13 12:06 pm

    Haha, it's always great when a moron says 'take my money'. 'Game-changer' is another good phrase.

      Yeah what a bunch of idiots.
      Interested in a product. LAME
      Or referring to the world first commercial pair of augmented reality, GPS enabled voice controlled glasses as game changing. What a bunch of noobs. You could do this just as easily with 2 android phones, duct tape and a gameboy colour.

      Oh wait. It's just you being the worlds greatest internet hero and hating on people for liking something.

      Did you ever get SO MAD you needed to reply to an article about a product you have no interest in? Oh, I guess you did!

        LOL +1
        And also... where can i obtain said awesome duct taped technological marvel...? Must have!!

          I can't help but think of Flight of the Conchords and the camera phone Jemaine makes for Brett.

          I tried duct taping my phone to my helmet once as I went off for a motorcycle ride. The bumps alone tore it off in minutes.

          Definitely looking forward to these.

    Awesome. Except all the voice stuff was added after. Fair enough, it's basically an ad, but the thing records video AND sound and if the sound is so obviously fake, then it makes me doubt the video portion.
    I respect Google, but not marketers.

    I'd be interested to see how your eyes adjust to this, having an image projected right in front of your eye, focussing on that, then focussing further away, like to your computer screen. Sounds like some major eye strain, unless they somehow simulate a further focal point.

    Last edited 21/02/13 1:38 am

      Yeah, I was wondering about that too.

      I tested out the new Oakley snowboarding goggles and they have the same screen on the bottom right of the goggles and it has gps and you can track your friends on the slope and play music and read texts and bluetooth phone calls and it doesn't look like it would get in your way at all as it isn't in front of your vision but in your peripheral and you just look across and down a bit and its all there but it actually is quite tolerable and not distracting, after a few days you would be totally use to it i reckon and could switch back and forth viewing it with ease.. I'm assuming the google glass would be much the same..

      Basically its not like a sunglass lens covering your eye with a heads up display, its a tiny screen off to the side.

      Oakley Airwave -

    Exciting new tech. But there is no way in hell I would buy one. The first model of these things is basically a beta product tested on the public. And all voice recognition I've seen on other tech so far is very poor. But a few years down the track/few models in the future, could be very cool.

      Meh, as someone who imported an iPad into Australia on US launch day before they were on sale? Sure, count me in. (obligatory ZOMG fanboi comment, but I'm saying this about Apple AND Google? What gives?)

      Why? Because if these things ARE as revolutionary as we hope, then a) I want to encourage innovation b) I want to be an expert on it when it hits mass market. It's like solar power - if it wasn't for the feel good factor, the cost of solar power excludes so many people. But sustainable energy is gradually getting more affordable because the price/market ratio is equalising.

    Awesome... except you still look like a dork while using them!

      one day you gone be called hipster for not using something like that

      its a 1st generation of the product so as expected its not fantastic

        They look good, its just the projector that gets me! haha obviously there is no work around for now!

    "Here's what it looks like", or "here's an ad"...?

    This looks great in a video window but adult humans have a field of vision of around 180 degrees and if you look at where Glass sits on your face, it is only going to take up a tiny bit of it. I think in actual use it will be far less slick than what we are seeing here, with the need to do a lot of careful setting up of your contacts, etc. Even then, I can see you having to go through a lot of commands to do a lot of things. It will certainly have it''s place but I can't see why I'd be interested in it but then I'm not of the generation who think that their every waking minute is worth sharing with the world.

    Screens like this are normally (somehow, I don't actually know) focused at infinity using some kind of optical system, because you can't actually focus on something that close to your eye.

    As I said though, I don't actually know.

    Seriously hoping this tech catches on to the mainstream market, because I know I'm not game enough to be the first to start wearing them in public! If Google can get certain segments to start wearing them (extreme sports in place of a GoPro to grab everyone's attention, police/ambulance officers on the street so people get used to seeing them in public, etc) I think they're in with a real chance.

    Now we sit back and wait for the inevitable boom in POV sex tapes...

    I wonder what happens if you wear them in a movie theater??

    *Sigh* Want so bad!!!!
    I wonder if you will be able to put in normal glasses lens in them. Because it doesn't look like you could wear them together. I don't wear glasses but i would think for someone that does having to take them off and on all the time would get old real quick.

    Any word on how these will work for those of us who wear glasses? Are the frames fittable with prescription lenses? Will this even work?

      Google has stated that in due time they will have different styles of frames and support prescription lenses. This is still in beta stage though, so I wouldn't expect fashionable frames and prescription lenses any time soon (don't quote me on it though).
      Personally I'd like to have photochromic lenses available seen as I wear sunglasses a lot due to sensitive eyes.

    If they can get this out by the end of 2014 to general public at a Nexus-like Price (Under $500), then it will be a massive hit.

    looks great, but i really am looking forward to some 100% non-editted footage from someone actually using this thing...

    I'll have to wait for the version that has prescription lens or else it will be useless to me

    Hmmm would require some serious high speed network to work as advertised.
    Currently using Google Now on my phone which this pretty much is in glasses form and it only works about a 1/4 of what they are showing.
    Also who really wants to watch what others are doing?

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