How Gotye Made His Grammy Award-Winning Album: In A Barn In Victoria

Aussie music sensation, Gotye, yesterday picked up three Grammy awards for his awesome tunes, including one for his chart-topping hit, Somebody That I Used To Know. That you already know, but I bet you didn't know that Gotye got his start in his parent's barn, tinkering with synths, old tape recording equipment and some of the weirder sounds known to music to record his album Making Mirrors. This is Gotye's musical journey.

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Gotye made this amazing video himself back in 2011 when he released it, and it's a poignant look at where an international star came from: a humble barn on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Congrats to Gotye on his awesome win at the Grammys yesterday!


    amazing artist!
    'llike drawing blood' (his debut) was a compilation of random sounds he constructed, deconstructed, synthed, and re-synthed over... gives him a really unique sound!
    'Heart's a mess' off that album has been my favourite track for the passed 5-6 years at least...

      His debut was Boardface. Like Drawing Blood was his second release.

        ahhh you're right indeed! yay-new-music-find!

      Indeed, I bought Like Drawing Blood mostly on the strength of "Thanks For Your Time" and was bowled over by "Heart's a Mess". Making Mirrors is a great follow up.

      Wherever he takes his music, I only hope that Wally's success will let him simply be the musician and artist that he wants to be while enjoying the material abundance that many artists struggle to achieve.

        i always wanted to play thank you for your time at the call center i worked at

        Are you serious? These tedious, irritating, unshaven douchebag is sending the wrong message about music. We already have enough wankers in the world farting into tape machines effortlessly,and calling it music. I hope he loses his money on a bad investment and moves back to the farm.

          Irritating tedium? Sounds like most music I hear - dance, metal, RnB, pop, hip-hop. It's all something I've heard a hundred times before, and so poorly mixed, aurally distracting and/or vocally strident that making out lyrics is all but impossible. Gotye's music is none of these things ("Baa, baa, black sheep" notwithstanding).

          Nobody's forcing Gotye down your throat, you're free to like or dislike whatever you want. But to claim that he's sending a message about music in general is really putting words in his mouth. He's just making music, and quite a lot of people like it - it's literally that simple. If your opinion on music is not mainstream enough for you, why are you blaming a guy who records in his parent's barn?

    Great video! Definitely worth the watch.

    Game of the year edition becomes Album of the year edition... :O

    awesome artist, and it is great to see he is rocking Ableton Live

    'Somebody that i Used to know' still sounds like BA BA Blacksheep if you ask me

      I whole heartedly agree!

      He better hope that he doesn't get sued like Men At Work were.

      Last edited 12/02/13 8:00 pm

    Great video. I had no idea he was that artistic. Respect +10.

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