Here's GoDaddy's Super Bowl Commercial With A Supermodel Kissing A Nerd

Because the Super Bowl brings out the sleaziest in GoDaddy (no small feat!), its commercial is always water cooler fodder the Monday after Super Bowl. So get this: supermodel Bar Refaeli making out with uber-nerd Jesse Heiman because that sells websites.

Of course Danica Patrick makes an appearance in the commercial (she's been in a record 12 Super Bowl commercials) and of course young Jesse took full advantage of kissing Bar Refaeli, one of the single digit hottest women in the world*, the commercial reportedly required 45 takes. I would've cleared triple digits. Apparently, there were two other versions of this commercial that was deemed too racy for air. Go get 'em Jesse. [YouTube via AdWeek]

*A single digit hottie, as opposed to the usual 1-10 scale of ranking beautiful people, is a person who's literally in the single digits of hottest people in the entire world (#1-#9). Or maybe it's the beautiful people who come to mind in single digit seconds (1-9 seconds) when asked to name your list of beautiful people. I don't really know. I just made it up right now.


    GoDaddy routinely has the lamest ads around. I've seen ads for the Reject Shop with higher production values than this ad. Christ, even Lowes' advertisements put GoDaddy's to shame.

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      Godaddy must have realised that they lost a SHITLOAD of support by thinking SOPA was good for them.

      This is their Superbowl Advert. Trust me, people will believe it.

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