Harvey Norman Let The HTC One's Price Out Of The Bag

Looks like Harvey Norman has given the game away early on the price of the HTC One.

The One is about to have its Australian launch tonight, but already Harvey Norman has the phone on the web for an outright purchase price of $746.

No carrier pricing has been confirmed just yet, but Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile have come out in support of the new HTC flagship.

Harvey Norman will start shipping the One from 3 April.

Thanks to Michael for sending this in! [Harvey Norman]



    Seen as it's $746 at harveys guess it'll be $699 everywhere else.

    Not a bad price, mobicity is $759

      If it's $759 at mobicity - then it will definetly be $699 everywhere Mobicity has nothing on HN when it comes to mark ups

      Last edited 26/02/13 10:52 am

    Like oil and water, so is Harvey Norman and the Internet.

    MobiCity had the price up on the day of the announcement.

    The one is $675 at techdot

    To many issues with Mobicity. Would rather pay the recommended retail price at my local Harvey Norman store. I just hope they can offer this phone unlocked so I can shop around for a good pre-paid service.

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