Harvey Norman, Good Guys Selling Nexus 7 Docks [Updated]

This morning we did a bit of a fail and told you that Harvey Norman and The Good Guys had Nexus 4 Charging docks in stock. We have since updated this story to reflect that Harvey Norman and the Good Guys are in face selling the Nexus 7 docks, not the Nexus 4 Charging Orbs.

A reader got in touch late yesterday evening and reported successfully purchasing a Nexus 7 dock at his local Good Guys store for $47. Harvey Norman is also reportedly selling the dock for $49. According to our tipster, however, stock is extremely limited, so get in fast.

Thanks to Nytrojen for sending this in!


    Has this been confirmed yet? Neither websites are listing them in their catalogues.

    also, is it the official google wireless charger?

    how does the dock work? only with Nexus phones? I have a Sony Xperia S, would that work?

      I believe it should work with any QI enabled device.

      It will work with any Qi Device. You can buy Qi charging coils for Galaxy S3 and Note 2 phones.
      However, only the Nexus 4 has the magnets built in to hold it in place on this charging orb.
      Which means if the angle isn't too bad you could place another phone on it, but it might slide off.

        do you know if it still charges if you got a case on the nexus 4?

    Awesome, I can finally buy a Nexus 4 charger. Now, if only I could buy a Nexus 4...

      Umm... You can. Both 8Gb and 16Gb versions are still for sale on Google Play.

        Thanks, but that was just a feeble joke alluding to the terrible availability it had up until recently.

      lol don't make an excuse Goole out of stock, it's been available for few days now. go buy it, you won't regret it :D

      I have iPhone and N4 now :D best of both eco system. Now... should I get WP8 too? nah.... lol

    Doesn't sound right... why would it be cheaper than the play store??????????

      I agree. This story is off. No pictures, no links etc. I highly doubt that Harvey would sell the phone for $100 more than Google, but sell the Wireless charger for $20 less than the americans. This thing will be $70-$80 when it's for sale from google + shipping.

      I'm sceptical as well. Got a Good Guys and Harvey Norman near work so I'm going to check it out during my lunch break.

        Awesome, let us know. Have two Nexus 4s on the way

          Went to both. Nadda. The guy at The Good Guys said he'd had a few phone calls about it today, but doesn't know if/when they will be getting them.

          The guy at Harvey Norman said he knows nothing about it and it's not in the system.

          I call BS.

    Sounds like BS to me. I've called a few Harvey Norman's and none of them know what I'm talking about nor is it in their systems... Damned orb, I want thee so bad!

    Called HN Chadstone Vic and GG Chadstone and they have no idea about these. They searched their computer systems and everything but couldn't find anything.

    following the thread on whirlpool, MULTIPLE stores has been contacted and no-one seems to know anything about a charger.. But i'm sure Giz has done the right thing and checked out their sources...

    You clowns. This was the Nexus 7 dock as reported on Ausdroid last night. http://ausdroid.net/2013/02/13/nexus-7-dock-starting-to-appear-at-the-good-guys-and-harvey-norman/

    Uhh.... sorry guys, I think it was either a misread or a mistype. It was meant to be Nexus 7 docks, not Nexus 4: https://twitter.com/avonperera/status/301618016100159489/photo/1

    Yep, went to both stores... No idea

    Hi - just an FYI Harvey Norman are not currently ranging the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger. We may do in the future but at present we have no availability.

    Had a mate who went to a Good Guys in Adelaide, who said they had the Nexus 4 docks in stock and put them on hold. Only for him to get down there and find out that they are the Nexus 7 docks, not the ones for the Nexus 4. : /

    Yep another great Gizmodo fail article. The orb is NOT at good guys or harvey norman.

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