Greek Police Accused Of Terrible Photoshop Job To Hide Evidence Of Brutality

Greek Police Accused Of Terrible Photoshop Job To Hide Evidence Of Brutality

With Photoshop’s ubiquity, it’s actually surprising that we haven’t heard about more scenes like the following: Greek police may soon be under investigation for attempting to airbrush out evidence of police brutality in the mug shots of four young men. And it was a terrible ‘shop job, at that.

The men were arrested for an attempted armed robbery, and media photos taken at the scene clearly show them to be bleeding and bruised. The mug shots released by the police several days later, however, showed them to, apparently, be in far better shape than they were just a few hours before.

In the police’s defence, Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias did admit that the photos had been altered, but only for the express purpose of making the men recognisable to the public. He went on to claim that the injuries were a result of the men resisting arrest, not something they incurred while in custody.

Several Greek news websites have published a letter by one of the suspects’ mothers that tells a different story:

Police authorities in Greece are following the examples of torture in the Guantanamo prison. My son – and the others arrested – was not treated like every other law violator but with particular hatred because he is an anarchist.

The Greek police have apparently long been accused of detaining immigrants and other prisoners in inhumane conditions, and the above mugshot that looks like it was attacked by a toddler with a beige crayon probably won’t be helping that case.

[Reuters via Peta Pixel]