At Last, A Proper Trailer For Season 3 Of Games Of Thrones

Last month's "trailer" for the next season of Game of Thrones was a little disappointing, but HBO's February attempt, featured above, is significantly better, mostly because it includes footage of, you know, the third season. The clip and this post contain mild spoilers if you've yet to see seasons one and two.

Season three should satisfy those who have keenly watched little winged things grow into big, flying fire-breathing things (and are desperate for a bit of mythical beast versus boat action). We'll also find out exactly how terrifying the less-than-alive inhabitants of the North are and yes, there will probably be nudity. It's HBO, after all.

Five weeks remain before its US debut and while some will patiently wait for it to arrive on local free-to-air, I reckon it'll be on hard drives around Australia a lot sooner.

[YouTube, via TV Tonight]

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