Exclusive Hands-On: Prime Minister Julia Gillard Tests Google Glass For Gizmodo Australia

Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister of Australia, and this week she sat down with Google's chief financial officer Patrick Pichette, where she had the opportunity to test Google's new wearable tech known as Google Glass. She briefly writes up her thoughts on the new wearable gadget exclusively for Gizmodo Australia.

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I'm very glad that Patrick was able to show me Google Glass. It’s an amazing display of innovation and a prime example of why investing in infrastructure like the NBN is so important – if this is where we are now, what’s next?

Actually wearing the glasses is a remarkable experience - all this information right before your eyes responding to voice commands.

Patrick was saying how good it will be not having to pull your phone out of your pocket, but I’m very excited at the prospect of not having to dig through my handbag every time the phone rings!

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Google CFO Patrick Pichette


    But what if she's lying?


      Shouldn't she be, you know, running the country (*hack* *cough*) or something?

        Dear god man ! The less time she spends "running the country" the better. When she's not at the helm she's less likely to botch another cash for votes scam.

      If only those glasses let the user see numbers better. If those did, I'd buy a set for every Labor MP.

    Shorter Gillard; "Technology, how does it even? Money for NBN."

      ^This is all I read.

    Wow. That review was much like my book reviews in grade 3.

    .....the fuck does this have to do with the NBN? NBN is a fiber to the home project, glass is a wireless device, probably 4G

      Its an election year..................... It'd have been very interesting if they'd given her one to keep. Imagine the access that google would have over each and every australian's fate!!!

      Serious? Giz has mentioned many many times why your argument is stupid. The backbone of 4G is fibre/hard connections

        And this 4G backbone needs for it to go to the home?

          Yes otherwise there won't be the bandwidth left to supply 4G to all the mobile devices

            Um, having the fiber go to the home or node has no impact on overall capacity for 4G

              Yes it does, there are plenty of 3G internet subscribers now because they have no other option for internet. Reliable cheap internet to the home does 2 things:
              1) People will use their phones wifi when at home
              2) People will have reliable home internet to connect to and won't use expensive mobile internet as replacement home internet.

                Again, this has little to no affect on the backbone for 4G (which was you initial argument). No matter what your thoughts are on the need for FTTH or FTTN, to connect these glasses to the NBN is at best a very long stretch

                  If Australia keeps using a copper network as the backbone for 4G then it will suffer.

                  What does connecting google glasses to the NBN being a long shot mean?

                  I don't believe the backbone at this time is copper (maybe I am wrong), your house to the exchange is copper, not the backbone.

                  What I meant to be connecting the glasses to the NBN was not in a physical sense but in a sense of how Gillard was using it in her sentence.

                  It's the copper last mile that is the problem
                  1) Distance from the exchange reducing speeds
                  2) The age of that last mile, water ingress damage etc. It's very old and not designed for internet from the start. And all the other problems we currently have with the last mile (limited available ports etc). And the fact that the last mile will need to be upgraded to fibre anyway to handle the higher capacities that are quickly becoming required.

                  These problems drive people to use 3G (4G) for home internet and reduce it's capacity due to the limited capacity available for wireless.

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      She should be begging Google for Google Fiber expansion rather than the crappy NBN we have here. However, knowing Google's international expansion, it will take another 5-10 years to implement even at the initial stages.

        It took google many many years just to move their navigation software outside of America.

        NBN is a wholesale-only network. Google will be able to sell Google Fiber services using the NBN. If we don't get NBN, you'll probably be dead before Google Fiber comes to Australia.

      How do you think the packets get to the cell towers in the first place? Witchcraft?

        Of course not. It's sorcery.

          anything is better than Abbots proposed Thaumatological network.

            why do I feel as I am in the middle of a Terry Pratchett novel?.....

      Probably not. It would make sense that most of the processing is probably done by an Android phone and its the phone that provides the internet connection.

      Glass won't have its own 3G/4G radios

    wtf if it wasn't for the political plug I would have said my mum wrote that.

    If people who complain about politicians are correct, the prime minister wakes up in the morning, picks ONE item from a list, and does nothing but that for the day. In this case, she spent 8 hours playing with Google Glass and talking to people from Google.

    What the prime minister SHOULD be doing instead, is spending one hour talking about Google Glass, one hour meeting about NBN, one hour meeting bushfire affected people and so on.

    Word has it, George Bush spent 24 hours reading to children at a kindergarten while the tragic events of 9/11 unfolded around him. He couldn't do anything, because he'd already pick "reading to children" from his list of things to do. I know, it's sad, but that's what the president does, right?

      Wonder what Tony Abbott would do then...

        I had the pleasure (?) of meeting Mr. Abbott a few weeks ago, and got a sneak peek of his to-do list. It was all "wear speedos". My guess is, he's powering through the list like nobody's business, making him the most efficient person in Canberra.

        Also had a look at a few politicians' to-do lists while I was in the US a few years back. Their list, confusingly, was "opposite of what the president does". But they're rather smart -- my question of "the President isn't crashing his car at the moment..?" was met with laughter and a "I see what you did there" look.

      What the hell are you talking about?? The PM shouldn't be sleeping, she's got a country to run! No dinner for you, Jules, it's all country-running 24/7 now.

      Truth is, this meeting between Julia and Gizmodo probably lasted 15 minutes. She sat down, played with the glasses quickly, said "gee, that's neat" and all was said and done. I don't understand how people can complain that she was both (a) too light/quick on her review for the device, and (b) wasted too much time writing a review for a device!

    I think the NBN connection is a bit lost on some people. You don't need the NBN for Google Glass, but the point is people who are saying "we don't need the NBN, my website loads fast enough already" are not thinking about the advances in technology yet to come.

    My reading of it is that the PM was saying "isn't this amazing technology, I wonder what other technological advances might occur in the next 100 years, aren't we lucky to be spending money on scalable infrastructure like the NBN".

      I know, it's just poorly worded. It looks too much like she felt the need to mention the NBN somewhere.

    "She briefly writes up her thoughts..."

    You got that right.

    "This is interesting. NBN. I haven't heard of Bluetooth headsets yet."

    If the Liberals win and Turnbull scraps the NBN, I'm gonna pray people suffer with the worst possible speeds at the most expensive prices in the WORLD, until dead do us part... AMEN !

      What if they don't, and Labor scraps it?

    Anyone else read that entirely in her voice?

      Yep. Sounded slow, condescending and as if she was reading from a script. Srs Julia was srs.

    she degrades the standing of the PM, by engaging in cheap publicity and marketing ploys. Leadership not showmanship! Is the government tacking payments for product placement to shaw up the budget maybe?

      Cheap publicity is meeting with a representative of one of the largest companies in the world?

    libs won't/can't scrap the nbn, it's already there. They will more likely change how its delivered.

    I do not see the point in the PM showing stuff that Google will not allow Australian Developers access to. If Australians are to take full advantage of the NBN and related technologies, we need to stop being treated like a third-world country by certain tech companies.

    Haha, I love the sarcasm in these comments. Exactly what was going through my mind.

    I read it as:
    Herp derp NBN, investment in the future shoop da woop. One line on basic function of the product handled. Attempt at comical take on every day problem to connect with voters and to appear more human. Firing ma lasers.

    Think Julia has been taking lessons from Homer.

    "Ooooh. Look at me. I've got Google glasses. Everyone will vote for me now."

    Well that was spectacularly disappointingly short, politicised and uninformative.

    I can't wait for Clean Up Australia Day on September 14th...

    Well, there's the Xmas presents for the Gillard household sorted, Google goggles for Julia from Tim, and Beer goggles for Tim from Julia. Although I suspect Tim might already have a pair....

    I wouldn't mind to see her bosoms.

    If Google want Glass to be successful, they need to make sure that Julia NEVER EVER WEARS IT AGAIN. EVER. PERIOD. You don't sell products by using the person with the lowest appeal in the country as your spokesperson.

    I understand Giz Aus wanting to promote this story as it had "Prime Minister" and "exclusive".. but seriously Giz, you're editor needs a hard slap to the head if he/she thinks this is actually something you want to be known for...

      Watch out man, the censorious Gizmodo editors will remove your post as it's critical of Gizmodo. I had two critical postings today deleted (and they were rational and I didn't swear honest!). They must be taking lessons from the Chinese communist party. Tianamen Square? No, nothing happened, move along.

    how much does Gizmodo get paid o keep this at the top of the feed?

    I hope the cable from the NBN will fit into the goggles usb port.

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