Eric Schmidt’s New Book Rails Against China As The ‘Most Sophisticated And Prolific’ Hacker

Eric Schmidt’s New Book Rails Against China As The ‘Most Sophisticated And Prolific’ Hacker

In addition to giving North Korea a what-for, Eric Schmidt has also been working on some other projects. He’s got a book coming out about China, for instance and after getting some time with the preliminary drafts, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that it’s taking some serious shots at the superpower.

The book — The New Digital Age, co-written by Jared Cohen — doesn’t exclusively snipe at China, but the shots it does take are uncompromising. According to the Wall Street Journal, “the book says again and again, [that China] is a dangerous and menacing superpower” and points to companies like Huawei which are spreading the country’s influence.

From the book itself:

The disparity between American and Chinese firms and their tactics will put both the government and the companies of the United States as a distinct disadvantage … the United States will not take the same path of digital corporate espionage, as its laws are much stricter (and better enforced) and because illicit competition violates the American sense of fair play.

Of course, the US doesn’t get off scot-free either. References are made to Stuxnet and other similar state-developed cyberweapons as well, but Schmidt and Cohen make it clear that China is the biggest player in this game, the “most sophisticated and prolific” hacker of foreign companies.

And with all the allegedly Chinese hacks that have surfaced recently against the Times, the Wall Street Journal itself, the Washington Post, and possibly, maybe even Twitter, it’s hard to argue against the point. You can hop over to the Wall Street Jorunal to read more about the upcoming book. [Wall Street Journal]