Here's How Astronauts On The ISS Watched The Super Bowl

There are plenty of things you don't get to have when you're in space. Like gravity, for instance. Or normal food. But Super Bowl parties aren't on that list. Astronauts on the ISS did get the chance to watch the big game, and here's how they did it.

"Yes they are going to watch it this weekend," NASA spokesman Josh Byerly told "And they said they definitely wanted to see it," Just yesterday, Mission Control actually made a special point of asking the 'nauts if they wanted the game beamed up there from Houston, and the answer was "yes."

Right now, the ISS team is composed of two Americans (Kevin Ford and Tom Marshburn) as well as Canadian Chris Hadfield, and three Russian cosmonauts. Sure, all of them might not be too invested in the championship, but I can't imagine the TV options are too great up there.

Sure, you can always look out the window, but a terrestrial game of sport should be a treat, no matter what sport it is. []

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