Does Anyone Actually Want A Transparent Phone?

There are a couple of rumoured features that "phones of the future!" always seem to have, and up there with flexibility is transparency. See-through phones have been a futuristic what-if for ages now, but now a company called Polytron is promising that the future is here! Or at least close. Within the year, perhaps.

Sure, it'd be impressive, but it just raises the question: why? Is there any really good application for a transparent phone? Even if there is, would it ever be useful for the average Joe, expect maybe if he wants to keep tabs on the palm of his dominant hand? Can you think of super-crazy-awesome application I'm missing? Would you really want one of these?

Would anyone?


    Would be ideal for some form of AR overlay and/or texting while walking.

    It'd just look cool. It'd be awesome as a dumbphone, even a landline.

    Definitely, although the option of blurring out the back for a little privacy would be nice.

      Smart Glass, turns opaque with a little electricity, turns on when in a call optional. I have always thought they should put this in phones so there is less glare in sunlight. Turns on when requested.

      I guess it depends how thick the smart glass mechanisms are for a thin phone.

    No, not really.

    Alternative reality overlays that use the front and back cameras to overlay stuff in your line of sight.

    Putting the glass over say a book, and have additional information show up?

    Microsoft made a video of their "vision of the future" a year or two back that had a lot of see through screen technology.

    You know what phones of the future don't have? Five inch screens and half day battery lives.

      Yes, the future is fold out screen phones. The size of a gs3 that fools out to give you a 7 inch screen. Until then, 5 inch screens or larger will dominate.

    You know the majority of people will just put a case on it....

    Screen needs to be way brighter before this one is out of the lab.

    The only thing I can think of is augmented reality like blaket mentioned-as in put it in front of a book and it magnifies text or hold it up to a building and see when it was built, but it will just be a gimmick considering we can do that with our phones now with various apps like ionroad which uses the camera instead

    We need transparent screens that can change the alpha of individual pixels. Only then would transparent phones actually be useful.

    Has anyone thought of the fact that you'd CONSTANTLY LOSE IT lol

    Seriously, how hard would it be to find if it was essentially almost invisible?

      Most of us don't lose empty glasses when we put them down, do we?

        Empty glasses are rarely 8mm high.

        I probably wouldn't if my phone was shaped like and the same size as a glass, as opposed to an ultra thin, flat object

          You see glass because of it's reflectivity and a transparent phone will lbe just as reflective as any other glass. It is extremely rare for anyone not to notice window or door glass, for example, even when it is clean.

            You see MotorMouth comments because of their transparency. It is extremely rare for anyone not to notice MotorMouth comments, even when they are clean.

    Texting while walking would be a tiny bit safer.

    I had a transparent case on my phone (exposing all the circuitry etc) in 1993. It was one of the Ericssen brick models and I must have got the transparent case model from Optus's engineers, who probably had it as a demo model. It was cool for the year before it got superceded.

    I think it has far more cool factor than actual usefulness but cool works for me so why not?

    From what I can see, it doesn't actually do anything. It's a bit of glass/plastic with a 1 and a 0 printed on it.


    I do not want one that bends; I do not want one that I see through. Just because something can be done does not mean that it is worth doing!

      Just because something can be done does not mean that it is worth doing!
      Like your comment? Nah just kidding.
      I think it's worth doing, because I would pay for it, and that makes it worth doing.

      Yeah this is a good point. But I would love one that doesn't get scratched no matter what.

    And how do you make a transparent battery, out of heavy elements, for it??
    Or will it have a Tesla~motivator that runs off the earths magnetic field?

      It would probably be powered by the owner's smugness.

    Imagine the augmented reality possibilities!

    Privacy wouldn't be a problem for anyone? People could see from the rear of your phone what you're up to... especially at work or around family and friends

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