Defense Specialist Shows Off Terrifying Automated Web Stalker

Defense Specialist Shows Off Terrifying Automated Web Stalker

Defence specialist Raytheon has an automated data harvesting process which can track you with pin-point accuracy and even predict where you’re going. Until two days ago it was top secret — but now a leaked video shows exactly what it can do.

The technology created by Raytheon, and revealed in a video found by the Guardian, is called RIOT (Rapid Information Overlay Technology). It uses location tags, EXIF data, social network postings and more to build up a complete snapshot of a person’s life.

It’s not doing anything particularly unusual when you consider each part in isolation, but when assembled to create a full picture of a person’s life it appears rather threatening. Using Foursquare check-in data it can predict where someone may be at a particular time, also pulling out personal photos of friends and generally building up a portfolio of mined data, letting you know where someone may be, what they look like and who they’re likely to see there.

Raytheon says it hasn’t sold this auto-stalking tech to any customers yet, although it admits to sharing some of this tech with the US government in 2010. Great! [Guardian]

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