Dad Gives Daughter $200 Contract To Stay Off Facebook

If your kid is spending too much time on Facebook, what should you do? Cut the internet? Annoying for you. Restrict access? Not realistic. Ground them? Haha. What about a signed contract that promises to give up $200 if your kid stays off Facebook for five months? Sounds like a plan!

Paul Baier, a loving father, had his 14-year-old daughter, Rachel, signed a contract that requires her to not use Facebook from February 4, 2013, to June 26, 2013. The deal pays her $50 if she's successful until April and another $150 if she can avoid Facebook until June. The contract is pretty ironclad (as far as parent/child contracts go at least) — Paul gets access to her Facebook account's password so that he can completely deactivate it.

What's surprising is that this whole avoiding Facebook contract was Rachel's idea, not Paul's. According to Paul, his daughter wanted to earn some money and avoid the distractions of Facebook. Two birds with one stone kind of thing. Rachel won't be quitting Facebook altogether though; she plans to use it again in six months, but it's good for kids to get away from social networks. In fact, everyone should get away from this goddamn digital life and offer their kids the same deal. [Daily Dot]

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