Cylinder Ice Spewing From A Frozen Hose Is Absolutely Hypnotising

Someone left the hose out overnight when it was freezing, resulting in an awesome cylinder of ice the next morning. His wife probably yelled at him, but that is one happy accident.

I don't know how the hell this works. It could be fake, although I don't know why anyone would fake something like this. What I do know is that it's absolutely mesmerising, and I could watch it all day. And now I really want some cylinder ice. [YouTube via B3ta via OhHaveYouSeenThis]


    I can attest to this being real. Well, not this particular video. When I lived in Canberra as a kid on the RAAF base, occasionally it would get to freezing temperatures overnight in winter. You'd wake up and the pothole out the front of our house would be frozen over with any water that was in it. Our hose did this too, we never got perfect ice cubes like that, it came out in a sort of ice at first, broken chunks, then a slush, then water. It would only happen though when us kids would turn the nozzle to 'off' on the hose instead of the tap though :) lol

    "This happens because the water inside the hose froze."

    An excellent point, though none too grammatically correct.

    Must have a good hose! As a Canberran I've seen many a hose die in winter due to freezing and cracking lol.

    Oh its real...It is also my video....
    Yes DKnigs, it is a 'good' hose my last one burst a few winters back and I bought a special compression type one....guaranteed not to burst....
    Glad it was of some amusement and brought one or two memories back for some of you...

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