Creating The Amazing Futuristic Cityscapes In Looper

Looper was a great movie -- and in this video called Atomic Fiction, the special effects studio behind the movie, shows off how it created the stunning cityscapes that feature in the film.

Trust us, you'll be amazed at what's real and what was computer generated; the two fit together so well. [Vimeo via The Verge]


    You really thought Looper was a great movie! I thought it was a major disappointment. The cityscapes that you mention are the "same" dystopian scenes that have been around since Metropolis was a movie.

      Yeah, I enjoyed it because it wasn't a complete bust as long as you disable your sense of disbelief. It was rather silly though... :)

    The whole premise of Looper was loopy. Only organised crime had time-travel technology?? I'm all for suspending disbelief but why would organised crime be the only people using that kind of technology if it existed? And let's say that they did have this technology, wouldn't it be better to just send the gold bars back in time, deposit them in the bank and earn interest? Then send the interest back in time as gold bars and deposit that as well? Compound compound interest... sweet. And nobody has to die!

      If they made it as sensible and simple as that, they wouldnt have a movie to make!

        Bruce Willis could star as a guy who owns all the gold in the world AND the only time machine... made out of gold.

    "Looper was a great movie". Joke of the day. Nice one. Made me laugh :D

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