Crazy Guy Remasters Doom Screenshot Into 9600x7211 Photoshop Image

This. Is. MADNESS. Watch Deviant Art user Elemental79 converting a 320x240 pixel screenshot from Doom -- the legendary 1993 game that made first-person shooters popular -- into a stunning 9600x7211 image complete with textures, lighting and 3D effects using Photoshop. It's absolutely nuts.

According to the author, each frame in this video represents 10 seconds of work. "The image spans across seven PSD files at a resolution of 9600x7211 pixels. The project took 35 hours to complete over the course of eight days."

Now I want to play the entire game rendered like this. John Carmack, make it so!

Bonus: CONTRA!

[Deviant Art]

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    Would make a great mobile version

    I could watch people with this sort of talent all day.

    This is the essence of reboot.

    Looks fantastic. There must be a lucrative market for reskinning classic games though. I really enjoyed the Monkey Island games on the iPad.I'd love to see them do a similar job with Maniac Mansion, Outlaws, Sam & Max and the likes. In a popular culture of recycling, remixing, remaking and sequels it should fit in just fine. But I guess it is all tied in with IP and copyright blah blah blah....

    So.. you don't just choose Filter > Awesomize ?

      It's a little more complicated than that, I'm afraid. You have to open up the computer and type in what you want it to draw using the right commands, then you get a fantastic picture done by the computer and not by humans. This is why digital art is fake and not really an artform, as the computer does 100% of the work for you.

      (My wife is a professional digital artist and finds that some people do think this way; that the computer does most of the legwork and she just has to know what buttons to press, like playing a video game) shows how it really is!

    I agree, this is awesome not 'crazy' at all. Giz must be running a name calling series today. crazy, nutbag,

      They've hired the people who do JB HiFi Catalogues to do their titles.

    Impressive, but 35 hours just to do that? Surely this guy has something better to do with his time? Masturbation?

    Very impressive - love how he put together the monster too. Definitely used some great sources.

    An amazing level of detail with some great photoshop skills.
    CS3 FTW!

    This guy has way too much spare time

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