Commonwealth Bank Working On NFC Payments For iPhone 5

The Commonwealth Bank outed its Kaching near-field communications product for payments way back in 2011, and since then all seems to have gone quiet around the whole idea of paying for stuff with your phone, until now.

Kaching is an app that lets you pay for stuff at contactless EFTPOS terminals, much like you would with a Visa payWave- or Mastercard PayPass-enabled bank card. You aren't able to use the NFC built-into your phone — mostly because iPhone doesn't have it and Android manufacturers don't want to co-operate — so instead you have to use a case that CommBank sell for around $50.

Kaching came out with a bang for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in 2011 with a case to boot, and then the software was ported to Android over a year later (with no capacity for NFC payments).

Turns out, however, that the CBA hasn't gone soft on NFC payments for phones.

Commbank's chief information officer, Michael Harte, told us yesterday that the Kaching team is working hard with the folks from iCarte — the people who make Kaching cases — to get one out onto the market for the iPhone 5.

The software has been updated for iPhone 5 in the store and now all the bank needs to do is get the physical case out there. Watch this space, we're told.



    You'd think they would support devices with NFC built in too, it can't be that difficult to do if they already have apps that run on the devices

      If you look delve into the issue, commbank tried to contact the manufacture to the the 'security pin' (as they call it) to make sure the NFC is safe to use. However they didnot give the information that commbank needs. thus resulted in the development of NFC cases for iphones and not for android devices.

    Seriously, Android and WP both support NFC, but they're determined to see the iPhone do it with an annoying one use case?

      In their defense, it does say this in the article: "Android manufacturers don’t want to co-operate".

      And from the linked original article from July last year:
      "The Commonwealth Bank’s chief marketing officer, Andy Lark, told Gizmodo Australia that Kaching for Android wouldn’t support NFC payments due to the fact that Google and various device manufacturers wouldn’t provide the bank with access to the secure element that authenticates contactless transactions. Neither Google, nor device manufacturers like Sony or Samsung would provide a timeline as to when they would provide the bank with access to these keys."


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        The real joke will be when Apple offers a NFC chip on the iPhone and also won't speak to CBA :-)

    their reasoning for not doing it with Android is that it isn't secure enough. Don't know about windows phone though..

      Not enough users yet I imagine.

    FFS CBA - Install the app for Windows Phone damn it!

    I'm pretty sure Microsoft would jump at the chance to add CBA's kaching to their arsenal. Couple that with the Nokia Lumia 920 (and the 820 with extra NFC backing) and you've got a winner. Heck, they could do a deal with Nokia and bring out CBA branded yellow Lumias!!!!

    Seriously, if CBA made this app available on WP8 (Lumia 920 specifically) I would switch ALL my banking over to them. So sick of old tech like credits cards and the stupid Myki for public transport in Melbourne. I have a phone capable of doing all these things, let me at it!

      Seriously, I've never seen an actual human being use a Windows Phone, and I only ever hear about said users on Gizmodo. As a mobile developer, you basically don't exist to us. All the market is an iPhone or an Android, and whatever device-of-the-day the most important stakeholder in a project might be using.

        maybe you should get out more

        i see plenty of people use wp8, most of these people in this demographic dont sit in offices all day and have the lifestyle freedom to move about during business hours. so you need to be on the street during the day to see them about.

          WP8 users are all unemployed? Just kidding, but honestly, get real - there's no special demographic of users with lifestyle freedom using WP8 - It just hasn't sold that much yet compared to Android and iPhone.

        Lol what? I have seen so many lumia's out and about now days its crazy. I honestly didn't think it would be such a popular handset...Hell the trafic to my website has more WP devices now compared to ios devices. Android still tops it off though.

        I'm a WP8 (Nokia 920) user. Can't wait to get rid of the bloody thing. Sinking $$$$$ into coding apps for WP8 is pissing money away IMHO.

          I'm surprised. What do you hate about it (just curious)?

        Seriously, I've seen plenty of people using Windows Phones. As a mobile developer, I find developing for Windows Phone refreshing compared to iPhone and Android, and find that while some are not interested in Windows Phone development, many are. Whilst the majority of the market is dedicated to iPhone and Android, Windows Phone is rising, and WP8 is a very polished OS that makes for a serious contender for the future.

    C'mon every single Windows Phone 8 handset has NFC and the Wallet app baked right in (
    That's the:
    - Nokia Lumia 920
    - Nokia Lumia 820
    - Nokia Lumia 620
    - HTC 8X
    - HTC 8S
    - Samsung Ativ S
    - Samsung Ativ Odyssey
    - Huawei Ascend W1

    CommBank just need to make the Kaching app that plugs into the Wallet app. Job done!

    #WP8 devices already have NFC onboard and coupled together with a secure SIM from the mobile operator and the baked in Wallet app, there is no reason why all the major banks could not implement a secure payment solution quickly

    There are a couple of reasons why:

    1) CBA will use secure elements that are not telco centric (at the moment) which means they will not be in the form of a SIM card and that CBA owns those secure elements, in the case of iCarte, they are doing that.
    In fact, phones such as Samsung S3, Note 2, which are NFC enabled can be used for NFC payment using SIM as the secure element but that would mean that CBA would need to work with a telco for this to happen.
    2) MIcrosoft is not releasing the APIs of Windows Mobile connecting to the secure element to externals, which means there is no way for the OS layer to talk to the secure element which i believe in the case of the windows phone mentioned here, they talk to the sim card

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