Chromebook Pixel Hands-On: Lightning Fast Laptop For Your Online Life

Yes, the new Google Chromebook Pixel is relatively pricey — especially for something that's not a "real" computer — but it does what it was designed to do really, really well.

The case is constructed of anodised aluminium and is surprisingly light given its full-size keyboard. The lid lifts and closes with a single finger. When closed, a thin LED strip glows blue before the system goes to sleep. It's a nice touch, albeit functionally useless.

The 13-inch 239ppi capacitive touch display running at 2560x1700 resolution is gorgeous and bright. The capacitive Gorilla Glass is fast, responsive and accurate. It provides a natural complement to the laptop's sliky smooth touchpad, which itself feels like swiping over velvet.

With vents hidden along the back edge combined with a 32GB or 64GB internal SSD, the Pixel is incredibly quiet. The I/O ports — a pair of USBs and an SD slot — are intentionally unmarked on account that most everybody can discern the difference without looking for an icon.

An Intel i5 chip provides more than enough power to Chrome OS. The system boots in about 15 seconds, instantly awakens from its sleep state, and shows no signs of lag when running multiple apps — even with multiple web pages running.

The OS itself may be seen as restrictive — standalone programs are a no go — but for those of us that use our laptops primarily as on-line terminals rather than traditional desktops, these limitations are hardly noticeable.



    shows no signs of lag when running multiple apps — even with multiple web pages running.

    No signs of lag when running multiple web pages! MY GOD, THE POWER OF THIS MACHINE IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

      Lmao, you sir, made my day.

    "The case is constructed of anodised aluminium and is surprisingly light given its full-size keyboard. "
    Tell me if I'm wrong here but doesn't the term "Full-Sized keyboard' mean it has a numpad (and not just in relation to the size of the keys), judging from the picture it's just a regular laptop keyboard.

    Also this thing is waaay over powered/priced for what is essentially a Web browser.

      what compared to all the other people out there that buy any sort of laptop (including high end ones) to then just sit on facebook?

    I guess this finally kills off the misconception that Apple hardware is over priced, at least you get a full OS on the Apple gear not a half baked web appliance

      You said it Bill!

    What niche is this filling exactly?

      The showing windows OEM's how to build a laptop and then putting in a rather useless OS niche.
      Seriously, why is it so hard for windows manufacturers to do this when they've been doing it for years, but google does it right first go. the only thing wrong is the storage, but that's because google is pushing their own agenda there.

        Yeah, I've never understood why Windows laptops had to consistently be such ugly plastic pieces of crap. HP started down the right path, but their poor service record made them a no-go. Imagine if Lenovo laptops looked like this!!!!

          Umm, this IS a Lenovo laptop.

    But The Verge's Dieter Bohn says: "Touch responsiveness is a different story — we don't know if it's software or hardware, but scrolling on the screen was much chunkier and laggier than we'd expect from what purports to be a high-end machine." With video!


    Who are we to believe?

    Really needs to ship with a Windows license so you can run actual applications on it. Y'know, like people use to do stuff.

    seems like a really bad April fools joke by Google. Complete with imitation MacBook pro looks and price tag. strange.

    Looking the two pictures I thought this is Macbook Pro, now I am expecting the other brands to copy Apple's unibody...

    Well we use GApps for business, f*ck trying to manage the Sales team laptops and have them moan some f'ing windows thingy isnt working and then finding it was something they were doing in Outlook, had one of them testing an imported chromebook for the last month - it really is all they need... now they can look "cool" too - Im all for it.

    Yeah no good for the engineers who need CAD etc, but fine for the guys and girls who only really need communications - we're very light software wise so given they can use gmail just like they do at home (luckily most of them do) - there is no need for training, no need for trying to figure out why the f something is not working - it just seems to work 99.99% of the time (we've not experienced the 0.001% failure yet @ 2 years of just mail delivery services - now we use all the Goog services...)

    As its an i5 and it has a 64GB SSD, what is to stop somebody from installing windows on it?

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