Choose The Best Photo With This Windows Phone 8 Camera App

Maybe you're not the most accurate when it comes to snapping photos. Maybe you're always just a little too late or a little too early. Congratulations on being a human like the rest of us. Microsoft Research has a new camera application called BLINK that can give you a hand with that (the picture-taking) on Windows Phone 8. How? The shotgun approach.

Much like Nokia's Smart Group Shot, BLINK controls for lack of quality with an excess of quantity. Unlike Nokia's solution, you can get it on any Windows Phone. As soon as you go to take a "shot" with BLINK, it will go ahead and capture nearly a dozen, after which you can scroll through the results and pick out your favourite.

Once you have done that, you can get rid of all the trash, or hang onto it in case you change you mind later, or want to print a flip-book or something.

Once installed, BLINK will show up as a lens on WP8 Phone. You can download it right now from the Windows Phone 8 store for free. [TechNet Blogs]

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