Chinese Hackers Have Also Been Hacking The Wall Street Journal

Not to be left out in the old boys club of the Great Chinese Hacking Scandal of 2013, the Wall Street Journal included themselves with the

New York Times

as being hacked by Chinese operatives. That's two big name dead tree media organisations getting hacked by China. Who's next?

The Wall Street Journal said that "infiltration efforts" by the hackers weren't made to steal customer information but rather to monitor the WSJ's coverage of China. Image conscious China wants to know everything that's being reported about China. The WSJ said it has overhauled its network to pump up the security but that will probably do nothing to stop China's efforts. Game on China. [WSJ]

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    A good way "to monitor the WSJ’s coverage of China" without hacking would be to simply read the newspaper.

      Wrong. Just because its writen in the paper does not mean that that is all they know. Hacking in would give details of sources and methods which would allow the Chinesse to plug those holes and execute the sources.

    Who's next? Not Gizmodo for sure, the Chinese are unlikely to find anything new, innovative or important to steal here.

    I think the hacking is an effort to uncover the sources of information regarding either the huge wealth amassed by top party officials (some people are more equal than others) or human rights activists (gmail was hacked in 2011).

    Would have been cheaper to just buy a copy of the news paper....

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