Breakfast Wrap: Friday Night's Finest

It's Shocking How Much Abuse This Glass Snowboard Takes Before Breaking If you've ever wanted to show off in front of friends by having it look like you're snowboarding with nothing but your feet, here's your chance.

This Shape Shifting House Is A Transformer That Hides In Nature An actual Transformer that turned into a house would not make for a popular children's toy.

Monster Machines: Tiny Telescopes Could Save Earth From A Deep Impact Now all we need are tiny lasers to take them out!

How To Avoid American Drones, By Al-Qaeda We don't have that big a drone problem in Australia, but these tips might come in handy for magpies.

Having Strangers Draw Your Facebook Profile Pic Is Freaking Awesome Admit it — now you want someone to draw you a Facebook profile pic.

Image: Peter / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

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