New iPhone Apps: Bout, Cleverbug, And More

What do the weather report, birthday cards, and a voice assistant have in common? Nothing beyond the fact that they're all coming at you in this edition of the new iPhone apps of the week.

Bout: Are you the most clever of your friends? Prove it by answering the ridiculous prompts like "the worst thing to get your mum for her birthday" with even more ridiculous photo responses. You and your friends pick the winner, who wins the prize of being the funniest among you. Free

Cleverbug: You never have a stamp and you hate going to the drugstore. No problem. You can still be that thoughtful, birthday-remembering friend by sending your pal a cute card personalised with his or her Facebook photos through Cleverbug. Free

Vela: Control Spotify with the power of your voice. Search a song or an entire album, and Vela will start spinning it, thus making your multitasking much easier. Free

Nooly: Is it raining uptown but dry as a bone downtown? Maybe, and if you want to be prepare, you can consult Nooly to get a precise forecast for every neighbourhood, down to the very street you're standing on. Free

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