BlackBerry Is Updating Its Android Emulator

In 2011, BlackBerry introduced something it thought would be a killer feature: an Android emulator. It was called the App Player and the reason it wasn't hugely popular is that it only ran a limited selection of features and only supported Android 2.3 apps. Now, though, BlackBerry has seen the error of its ways, and issued a pledge to improve the App Player with the help of Android 4.1.

Crackberry reports this morning that BlackBerry has promised to update the App Player's runtime to support Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, opening up a new world of apps to the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem.

App Player apps are currently sandboxed from using certain features like the cellular radio, etc, so we'll have to see if those restrictions carry over into the new Jelly Bean-ed App Player. [Crackberry]

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