Behold The Knights Of The Round Table Watch

As the legend goes, King Arthur held court with his gallant knights around a giant round table that most certainly served as a breathtaking centrepiece to Camelot. But pretty much all of that mystique and majesty has been lost with Roger Dubuis's latest timepiece that features a miniature version of that famous table, complete with tiny knights all cast in gold.

Part of the watchmaker's upcoming 2013 Excalibur series, the Round Table will be limited to just 88 pieces and is crafted from such luxurious materials as 18K gold and alligator leather for the strap — so it isn't going to be cheap. And make no mistake, had King Arthur and his cronies not been obsessed with finding the Holy Grail, they would have certainly spent their time hunting down Dubuis' ancestors in an attempt to stop this hideous creation from coming into existence hundreds of years later.

[Roger Dubuis via Beautiful Life]

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