Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Has Been Testing Google Glass

No, what you're looking at isn't a carefully orchestrated hoax. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is in fact playing with Google Glass, making her probably the first person to use one in Australia.

Gillard got her hands on a Glass test unit from Google's Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette, who is here talking through tax issues with the PM.

Here are the two together:

[Julia Gillard]

Image: Julia Gillard



    How about an explanation as to wtf google glass is?

      There's a search bar at the top of the site. Type Google Glass, or even google it. I think Luke is assuming Gizmodo reader's would know about it by now, I mean it's not exactly the first article about it.

      At the bottom of each article there is a list of Tags. If you click on one of them you'll see other articles with the same tag. It's great for learning more about a topic.

    "This is all very nice a pretty, but you still owe us a butt-tonne of money."

    Last edited 19/02/13 5:11 pm

      I dont know if i would say they owe it. If they have move money offshore that currently adheres to our laws then why should we expect they pay more tax than they should, is it not their fiduciary responsibility to their share holder to pay as little tax as possible?

    She should ask them to design a pair that lets her see who's coming up behind her...

      Kevin Rudd would have made good use of this.

        I have a feeling Julia will be needing that feature soon

    Not the first! I was over at the Google offices about 3 months ago and saw a couple of Devs walking around with them on.


      Congratulations, you're the first ever person to make that joke about this on the internet...

        Could have 'opinion polled' the joke up a bit ;)

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