Australian Police Raided The Home Of The Xbox Dev Kit Hacker This Week

Australian Police Raided The Home Of The Xbox Dev Kit Hacker This Week

You may remember a young man by the name of SuperDaE from a while back. He leaked the specs of what he claimed was the next Xbox, or at least the development kit for it which is codenamed “Durango”. SuperDaE’s real name is Dan Henry, and now, he’s in real trouble: Western Australian Police have today confirmed that officers from the Technology Crimes Unit along with officers from other jurisdictions — presumably the FBI — raided the leaker’s home.

Dan announced on his Twitter account a few days ago that police had raided his home, before a copy of his warrant appeared on The Tech Game. Presumably Microsoft weren’t happy with him trying to sell two dev kits on eBay.

Western Australian Police today confirmed they had executed the warrant along with other agencies, before seizing property from Dan’s home in relation to an ongoing investigation pertaining to misuse of a computer system alleged by Microsoft, PayPal and eBay.

Here’s their comment:

Our Technology Crime Investigation Unit is currently conducting a multi-jurisdictional investigation into computer related offences. A search warrant was conducted on Tuesday 19 February in relation to investigation and several items were seized.

We have reached out to Dan to get his side of the story. [The Tech Game via The Verge]