Are You Going To Buy A PlayStation 4?

Now that we've had a look at the undeniably incredible -- although not all that revolutionary -- graphics that the PS4's blazing fast guts will be spewing forth, we can actually start considering if its going to be worth shelling out the (currently undisclosed amount of) money required.

Granted, we still have no idea what the damn thing is actually going to look like, and regardless of what a projected release of "holiday 2013" actually means, it's safe to assume we've got some time to mull it over.

Still, knowing what we know, and seeing what we've seen, do you think you're going to end up buying a PlayStation 4 all your own? And for that matter, in the age of mobile media, would you even actually buy another console ever again? Hash it out in the comments below.


    Probably. But definitely not from a local retailer if the price is still about $800 while they are selling for $400 in Japan. Don't you just love globalisation and grey importing?

    Eventually I will, for sure.

    ...preparing to have kids isn't cheap though, so I emphasize the 'Eventually'

    How about I just say 'I want it...badly!'

      Money isn't the problem with kids - it's getting free time to play games!

    very likely

      also looks like im buying most of the launch titles

        I'll be looking for a package with a couple of games and an extra controller. I just hope that the price of the PS4 with such a package is not $1,000 as it was for the 60Gig PS3!

    Maybe when they come down in price but only because they have some nice exclusive games on there. Xbox 720 will be a day one purchase no matter what, they actually listen to consumers and nothing can beat the social interactivity of Xbox live.

      I'll wait to they come down in price. Also interested to see how and if Sony will end up screwing the consumer. I'm a bit suss about "cloud gaming".

      I don't think that's completely true. Yes socially its great but there plans to make it so you can't trade or hire games is just ludicrous . Plus they keep pushing you to pay for literally everything.

    Surely you just dowload the "PlayStream/cloud" app to your PS3 and get a similar experience...

    Really depends on the price, if it launches at the $800 mark, I'd probably wait it out. Paying that much for a PS3 at launch is enough for me. When it hits the $400~ mark I'd most likely purchase one.

    Not at launch, no. But if there are enough exclusives that interest me, then eventually I will get one. Same with the next Xbox and the WiiU; cheap enough price + enough interesting exclusives and I'll buy them. For now though, I'm happy to work my way through my ever growing gaming pile of shame.

    Yes, I will then stand in line for a copy of Diablo 3 on PS4 to complete my life

    Not based on what I've seen. From a development perspective, I've been wary of Sony since the nightmare that was the PS3, and while there are some marked improvements in the PS4 (like using normal CPU architecture), I'm not convinced.

    Sony's reputation aside, I don't like the Dual Shock controller design (this is a minor point, I know) and I'm fairly unimpressed with the hardware. For a next generation console to be worthwhile over its full lifecycle, it needs to be absolutely pushing the limits of computer hardware when it comes out. The PS4 specs are not particularly competitive with top end PCs right now, and that gives me serious concerns about long term viability. I also dislike the notion of intertwining social media with everything - for me, a console is a gaming machine and possibly a media box, not a life extension. I have other devices that do a much better job of that.

      A console vs high end PC is not a direct comparison. A console cannot be tampered with and say is priced around the $800 mark. High end PC would cost much more than $800 and can always be upgraded year after year. However agree that a console should be a gaming machine and media box.

      How is moving to x86 normal and better?

        The architecture of the PS3's Cell processor and unusual memory distribution was notoriously difficult to program for. x86 has the advantage of being a mature and well-understood technology, and the added benefit that it will make ports between consoles, or between console and PC that much easier.

    I'd buy one if they launched it with a remake of FF7.. same reason why I begged my parents to buy the original playstation almost a dozen years ago haha.

    drool if FF7 remake was the same graphics as FF:AC..

      Would you take FF10? They are apparently remaking that one.

    Mmmmmaybe, i'm still not sold yet on the Playstation Network, they didn't even mention how many friends can chat together at once. I'll end up waiting till about 2014/2015 before I even consider buying it.

    I will eventually because I still think Sony have a strong first party line up. Much like I know I'll inevitably buy a wii U once a Zelda or Metroid come out. The real question is will I but an Xbox - not enough exclusives.

    I will definitely buy one when they are around $400 or once they are hacked.
    I still don't understand the rivalry between xbox and ps fanboys.
    A true gamer will buy every console or piece of hardware released. I have bought every console since the Megadrive. But i have never bought a console at launch or at its original RRP.

      because most of the idiots arguing arent true gamers

        I consider myself a true gamer. I try and play every game that intreasts me not matter what console its on, but for first person shooters and if its a multi platform game i would play on xbox simply because of the controller and the xbox live community. On the other hand I would buy a ps3 for games like uncharted and god of war which i thought were amazing. Too bad sony doesn't listen to consumers.

    Maybe, but there just doesn't seem like there's anything new or innovative other than beefed up hardware and better graphics. Will be interesting to see what the next Xbox has to offer, but if the rumors are true, it'll probably be the same beefed up hardware and graphics.

    I don't know who cares about what the PS4 will look like, it should be more about the insides are about! I have been a PS person my whole life, and will most likely get a PS4, however if the next xBox blows the PS4 out of the water, I may jump ship!

    No, not until the bugs are worked out, there is a good selection of 'affordable' games and the 'look it's new' cost premium is gone. Especially as we get ripped off here in Australia, maybe because they have to make them right hand drive for our market? Perhaps it's shipping because Australia is so far away from anywhere, especially places like China and Taiwan or wherever they pay people 20 cents a day to put the PS together.

      I seem to rmbr someone on Giz trying to explain that to do basically anything in Australia, costs more and that those costs seemed to come from over-regulation? i dunno..

      regardless.. we pay too much.

    Was just talking to a guy at JB Hifi in the City. They already have 22 pre-orders!

    As with other people it will depend on price.
    Also on what the Xbox will be like and what my friends buy.
    The last one may seem a tad silly but given I now live further from my friends playing games together could be a way to keep in touch.
    However, it is likely I will get one.

    No. There wasn't enough in the launch to attract me, and based on Sony's hype over PS3, most of the good isn't believable anyway. Let's see if the XBox is any better.

    Waiting on the next Xbox announcement first. I like the PS4 and the games look amazing but I can live without the exclusive titles if the Xbox can provide something better. And most of my mates will be going Xbox regardless.

    I'll probably get one when they do a bundle with Sony LED's. That's how I got my last couple of PS3's.

    I'll buy probably a couple of months after the release. I sill have a few PS3 titles that I want to finish before :-)

    I will get one. Though I am waiting for more info like the price and HD configs.

    Question... if it will not support PS3 games, then how do they plan to allow people playing on PS3 to connect with the ones playing on PS4. Would they release 2 versions of the game??

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