Are You Going To Buy A New BlackBerry?


    Nope, I will definately not be buying one. Firstly becuase where I work they've issued us with iPhones (which I like), but also when I did use Blackberry's I had two of them that each failed completely after about a year of use.
    If BB fixes its reliability issues than I might think about it, but I can't see BB recovering market share to Apple or Android devices.

    Hell yeah I have the note 2 but really miss my qwerty keyboard

    That would be a big NO. Sony Xperia Z for me. Maybe if the Crackberry were 4.7"+ and had used Android and was as cheap as the Galaxy Nexus 4 it would interest me.

    hahahahahhahah, good one.
    oh you're serious?..... :s

    If I was broke I wouldn't even steal one.

    Yep, I'm planning on getting the Qwerty one when it comes out later in the year. I've never had a Blackberry but since I got my 3G iPad my need for apps on my mobile phone has dropped, and my desire for a phone with a keyboard (unfortunately I own an HTC chacha which has one but is a total failure in all other ways) is pretty high. As long as the web browser is pretty good, it has nav/mapping and the obvious blackberry messenger then I'm stoked. Anything better than that and it's a bonus.

    Does it matter? BlackBerry lives and dies by its business users so the question really should be "Is your employer going to buy you a new BlackBerry?"

      Exactly. I personally don't like them much, but this looks a pretty slick iteration, and as a friend of mine working for a large law firm cheekily said "when you get a real job, this is what you'll use".

    Had a BB a few years back. Moved to iPhone. Bought a Nexus 4 yesterday morning from the Play Store. I can't go back, I've tasted freedom.

    On a semi related note, is it true that the BB bolt-on plans allow international roaming without any/much extra to pay? I know a guy who holds RIM shares and was banking on this little nugget of information being the big attraction for business users.
    Personally, one person at our company has racked up $140k in roaming charges in the last three months...absurd.

    Asked Magic 8 Ball and it said My sources say no.

    Nicely designed, average spec, reasonable performing smartphone. No thanks, there are plenty of those around.

    Nope. WP8 hasn't managed to carve out a significant amount of the Apple and Android markets yet, RIM hasn't got a hope in hell.

      So what? Ferrari only sell a few hunderd cars a year here but that wouldn't stop you taking one if it was offerred, would it?

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        Ferrari. Blackberry. Same sentence. LOL.

        No offence but they're completely different situations.

    My actual, real-world experience with Playbook has been very positive, OS-wise. Given how sexy the Z10 looks, I would absolutely consider one, except that they are unlikely to be offered free on a $29 plan. If I thought there was a chance they would be, I would have put off signing a new contract until now and, from what I've seen in the last couple of days, I would not have regretted it. If I was given a choice between an iPhone, Galaxy S3, Lumia 920 or Z10, I'd absolutely take the Z10.

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    I will reserve judgement for the time I get a chance to play with one....but at this stage, I can't see a single compelling reason to get one. The buttonless interface is interesting, but the rest of it just seems very meh.

    I like the ship I'm sailing on to be afloat.

      Why? Nobody's Saab suddenly stopped workign when Saab went under. If BB fails, then you get something else next time you renew your contract. Given the ridiculously low cost of apps, no-one can have invested so much into any ecosystem that it would be prohibitively expensive to switch around.

        If Blackberry fails you have a device with a dead ecosystem. It's hardly comparable.

        I don't think you're helping your points by comparing phones to Ferraris and Saabs. The comparisons don't make much sense.

          I'm sorry but I dont' see it. All the apps I have on my new phone are exactly the same apps I had on my last phone. If MS closed the WIndows Store tomorrow I can't see how it would make a difference to my use of the phone for the next 23 months (until my contract is up). I haven't installed an app on my Playbook since I bought it 6 months ago, so if BB went belly up in a year, it would make absolutely no difference to my use of that, either. As for the analogies, they are perfectly valid and illustrate my point effectively.

    I know someone that wants to buy a QWERTY phone to replace her current BB but the maps are a put off. So maybe I know 1 person that wants it.

    My galaxy s 3 keeps freezing and is horrible with Exchange server. I like the qwerty keyboard. yes for me

    Yes. Want my free emails & free Web browser back. My BB storm2 contact ended & no way I will use a qwerty. If Web browser is half the speed they say I'll take one. Anytime!.
    The switch from work to private I want to try. If it works on contact list, no more going past all my number to get to work numbers.

      Except BB10 doesn't have 'free' anything since BB10 doesn't use BIS.. you might wanna hold on to that Storm 2 if you want to keep your 'free' emails and browser

    Yes, will buy the Q10 but not the Z10 provided the price is reasonable, $400 or below.

    Yep leaning towards the Q10 at this stage but hope they update the Playbook soon so I can check out the touch keyboard before I decide for sure.

    I was using almost every model of BB, but would never consider to pay my own money for it.
    As a business tool, it was OK.
    Now many businesses went Google or Apple. They have lost a momentum. RIP.

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