Apple Ups The Specs, Drops The Prices Of MacBooks In Australia

Apple Ups The Specs, Drops The Prices Of MacBooks In Australia

Apple has adjusted its Retina MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs in Australia to beef up the processing power while dropping the price, but is it in response to government pressure?

The two 13-inch Retina MacBook Pros would be adjusted to include a 128GB SSD on the lower end model and has been slated to cost $1649 from today, while the higher-end model get a new 2.6GHz processor and a 256GB SSD for $1849.

Meanwhile the adjusted entry-level 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro will boast a 2.4GHz processor, while the top of the range 15-incher will get a 2.7GHz quad core processor and 16GB of RAM which will cost $3199.

The super-skinny MacBook Air is also going to benefit from price cuts today, with a new 256GB SSD model set to cost $1549.

The changes come amidst a storm in a teacup for the gadget giant, as the Australian government attempts to corral tech multi-nationals into explaining why their products often cost more in Australia than they do in territories like the US.

Adobe this week dropped the price of its Creative Cloud suite in response to government pressure, but it’s unclear whether this move by Apple is also in response to the IT pricing inquiry.

If Apple had simply dropped the price of its laptops, it would be feasible to think that it was in response to the Australia Tax inquiry, however the presence of new processor tech makes us think it might all just be coincidental timing.