Apple Australia Looking For Someone To Improve Local Maps

Apple Maps is still in a pretty sorry state, especially after the platform drove people into the middle of the forest and left them there last year. To reverse the slide down-hill, Apple Australia is looking to hire a developer to improve map-quality Down Under.

In a job posting, Apple is looking for a quality assurance/developer to work on dialling down the suck when it comes to Maps:

The Maps team is looking for people with knowledge of mapping, great testing skills, and local expertise to help us build better and better maps.
In this position, you will be responsible for the quality of map data for your region. You will test changes to map data, provide feedback on unique local map requirements, collect ground truth information, and evaluate competing products.

Here's hoping that they hire someone. And quickly. I want to really like Apple Maps. [Mactalk]



    Who uses Apple Maps?
    Oh wait.. the only time I use Apple maps is when I'm going to the inlaws...

    I want to really like Apple Maps

    I don't.

    I have Google Maps back. I no longer care about Apple Maps.

    Now if Apple could just let me pick the default mapping (and other) apps, I'd be very happy.

    Late Breaking News: No applicants for the job turned up to the interview at Apple headquarters after they reportedly tried to use the Apple Map App to find their way there. Spokespeople for Apple declined to comment.

    I use Google maps as is runs faster on my 4 but have to say we used Apple Maps on my partners 4s to go to dozens of open houses and never once had a problem with it. I wonder if this was largely a beat up.

      100% beat up story, there is nothing wrong with Apple Maps that there wasn't with v1.0 of GMaps too. Though Apple did make a lot of puppies with their media and PR over the whole thing.

        Apple maps v1 might be the same as Google maps v1, but you can't avoid the fact that Apple chose to implement v1 over vX of Google Maps and tout it as an effective replacement - you're just setting yourself up for a fall. Apple maps just plainly sucks when compared to what's here now, not what was there 5 years ago.

          well lets not forget what it replaced was just an overview (very limited) google maps, the new google maps that you can download from the app store is light years ahead of what was around prior to Apple maps, and Apple maps (other than the perceived problems with directions) was more advanced than the app it replaced, at least on the 4s and above anyway. So what you are stating is not the whole story.

        Incorrect. While Apple Maps is fine going to the great majority of street addresses (and yeah, probably as good as GMaps was originally for that), Apple Maps gets most town locations completely wrong. It takes you to the Parish location, not the town itself. GMaps never got that wrong.

        That's what the story was about. And they still haven't fixed it - search for a few rural towns at random, and you'll find many are still located wrongly.

    I have tried iMaps a bunch of times allowing for time for them to fix things up.. and every time I have used it, there are massive.. 100's of square kilometers.. areas missing in built up areas.. just missing.. it's not even a current overview map let alone detailed streets.

      Proved proof or p*ss-off

    Google maps still has plenty of errors.
    Cape Otway Airport, Victoria for instance.

    Apples biggest problem with Maps, here in Oz, is it uses geographical centres, and not suburban names, i.e. the whole Mildura saga. It still doesn't show suburb names, only council or shire names. Apart from that, it has worked fine with me. Google maps V2, should have been given to the iOS users BEFORE Apple were forced to make their own. Turn by turns on google maps just pisses me off no end. That fucking voice, sounds like Ellen Degenerate. No thanks. BTW, google maps still shows a street that has never existed, at the end of my road, where Apple surprisingly got it right. Go figure. Google maps V1 was far less reliable from memory.

      You do know you can change the voice? :-) Settings -> Language -> Text-to-speech -> Engine Settings -> Language. I set my to English (UK), and you get a real English accent instead of that annoying US lady.

      Also, if you have a map error - report it. Click the "Report a Problem" link at the bottom left of the GMaps web page. Or better yet, fix it yourself. I've done this a few times; problem solved in 1-2 weeks max.

        I'm sorry, do you even know what the hell you are commenting on? None of those settings exist in iOS or gmaps for iOS. Go troll your fandroid garbage somewhere else. Another feature left out by google.

    Yep, I look forward to a jpeg proving this too. Living in a brand spanking new estate, nothing is missing here. Even roads yet to be tarred are shown. But yeah dude, put up or shut up.

    If you are in Melbourne and you want to go to Moonee Valley apple maps sends you to Flemington Racecourse ..... Can't even get the names right.

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