App Deals Of The Day: The Valentine’s Day Edition

App Deals Of The Day: The Valentine’s Day Edition

Make the most of Valentine’s Day with a bunch of special one-day discounts. IM+ Pro reduced on both Android and iOS, runtastic Heart Rate PRO now free, MagicalPad discounted on iPad, Say Your Appointment for free on Windows Phone, plus lots more. Deals end without warning, so be quick or miss out!

This is a hand-picked list of apps that we think are worth checking out, but we do not endorse them in any way, nor have we reviewed them.

Productivity and lifestyle apps are listed first. Games are stacked towards the bottom of each list. Otherwise, the apps are not listed in any particular order. Some apps may require in-app purchases for extra features or levels.


IM+ Pro reduced to $1.99 (normally $4.99)
Craft Me A Pass ! for free (new)
HanDBase Database Manager reduced to $4.83 (normally $9.99)
ScanClip Unlock Key reduced to $1.76 (normally $4.51)
Secure Vault, Password Manager reduced to $2 (normally $3)

Beats Trellis now free (requires PlayStation-certified device)
Bejeweled 2 reduced to $1.06 (normally $2.99)
Wit’s End for free (new)
Freeesh now free (normally $1.01)


runtastic Heart Rate PRO now free (normally $0.99)
Honk – Find Car, Parking Meter Alarm and Nearby Places now free (normally $0.99)
IM+ Pro reduced to $1.99 (normally $5.49)
Notes&Order for free (new)
Phone Drive now free (normally $0.99)
Espresso for Google Reader now free (normally $0.99)
MyFace+ for Facebook now free (normally $0.99)
My Wonderful Days : Daily Journal/Diary reduced to $0.99 (normally $1.99)

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD now free (iTunes App of the Week)
Real Racing 3 for free (new)
Earthtri5 for free (new — thanks Anna!)
Fog of World now free (normally $5.49)
Matchmaker Millie now free (normally $0.99 — thanks Chen Po!)
MineChat Mobile for $0.99 (new)
Cardinal Quest now free (normally $2.99)
Chromasphere now free (normally $0.99)

iPad Only

MagicalPad reduced to $0.99 (normally $5.49)
KoolrPix Studio reduced to $1.99 (normally $2.99)
The Chord App now free (normally $0.99)
Foldify reduced to $0.99 (normally $2.99)

Follygons now free (normally $1.99)
Dragon Portals HD reduced to $0.99 (normally $5.49)
Steamscope HD now free (normally $1.99)
Ingenious for iPad reduced to $0.99 (normally $2.99)
Cradle of Rome 2 HD reduced to $2.99 (normally $5.49)

Windows Phone

Voice captor now free (normally $0.99)
Say Your Appointment for free (new)
Couple Shots for free (new)
Take 40 music for free (new)
ClickView Player for free (new)
100th Day of School now free (requires Nokia device)

Bubble Drop now free (normally $0.99)
Lumia Snake 3D now free (normally $2.49)
Flat Attack reduced to $0.99 (normally $1.99)
Drop Chamber reduced to $0.99 (normally $1.99)

App Deals is a daily roundup of notable new, updated and discounted apps. Know of any other awesome deals? Are you a developer and want your app listed here? Leave a comment or contact us.