An Australian Woman Tried To Swap Her Kitten For An iPad Online

You can find all sorts of cool stuff on Gumtree. It's like the Trading Post, really, only if you look hard enough you'll find it's laden with nutbags. Like this lady, who yesterday thought it would be a good idea to put up her kitten for trade. The price? Either an iPad, iPhone 5 or $700. I can has WTF?

According to the Herald Sun, the Victorian woman put up a Gumtree ad yesterday saying that she'd trade her eight-month old Russian Blue purebred — a gorgeous little kitty — for some Apple gadget goodness.

Naturally, the ad was taken down and the RSPCA went ballistic:

We'd encourage her to surrender the kitten and let us give it the second chance it deserves

Damn right. It's heartbreaking to think that this could go on. For shame you disgraceful nutbag.

[Herald Sun]

Russian Blue image via Shutterstock

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