Alphabet Robots Are Still The Best Way To Learn The Alphabet

All these modern-day kids have iPad and iPod touch apps to learn the alphabet. My kindergarten class had a box of these Alphabet Robots for our grimey, snot-ridden hands to play with.

With just one or two minor adjustments, a letter of the alphabet suddenly transformed into an adorable little robot creature. This was awesome. It made learning fun.

Each letter had its own unique characteristics, and consequently, I invented their a different personality for each. There's one thing these toys can do that apps can't: be a friend. Apps will never be your friend. AlphaBOTS can and will be. I was overjoyed to see that they can STILL be purchased 20 years after I first played with them as a kid, and haven't changed one bit. I might just buy them right now so my future children can play with them.


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